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Every homeowner wants to increase the value of their house, but it can be tough to know what you can do to earn a profit rather than simply increasing the price and breaking even. A loft conversion is a dependable home renovation that nearly always pays for itself. Loft conversions may increase the value of your property by up to 20%, essentially repaying double the amount you spent on the conversion. A bedroom in a normal rear dormer loft conversion. There are many various sorts of loft conversions and variants, all of which will affect the amount of money you make. Adding extra bedrooms to a home or flat in a major metropolitan centre like London will often add significant value to your home. There is a great demand in London for central houses with enough space for growing families. This means that any manner you may increase the number of bedrooms in your home will appeal to a bigger number of purchasers. A back dormer, mansard, or skylight loft conversion can be used to add bedrooms. The next approach to increase your property’s value is to build a bathroom. Most houses may benefit from a loft conversion to add a bedroom and ensuite, allowing for fully separate living from the rest of the home. If you wish to rent out your loft space, which is typical in London, having a bedroom with an ensuite allows you to give your tenants their own private level. A rooftop deck is another possibility. People who choose to spend their summers in England rather than abroad have been more interested in them in recent years. Roof terraces are more suitable for residences with green space surrounding them, though this is site dependant. Because a new bedroom may be built over the main body of the home and the roof terrace may open onto the L-part, a roof terrace may be a good addition to an L-shaped loft conversion. Our Otterburn Street case study is a fantastic illustration of this. Having a home office in your loft is another option that might increase the value of your house. Working from home has grown increasingly popular throughout the world as a result of the Covid-19 epidemic, and we’ve witnessed a strong surge in consumers looking for a location to work from at home, away from the distractions of family. A home office, yoga studio, or leisure area are all viable options for repurposing spare space in your loft. Loft conversions are a good option for adding value to your house when it comes to home remodelling. Our surveyors have years of expertise and understanding to help you decide which loft conversion solutions are ideal for you. Visit here for more info on a loft conversion in Glasgow