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Everyone enjoys going to the movies. What if you could bring the ambiance, the popcorn scent, the fizzy drinks, surround sound, big
comfy seats, and, of course, the giant screen to fully enjoy the film in your own home? You can with a garden room home cinema in
Glasgow from Luke Lloyd Builders, and here’s how.

A garden room may be anything you want or need it to be. In past blogs, we’ve discussed a home office, a home gym, a yoga studio, an
art studio, a playroom, a reading room, a dining room, a home spa, and a potting shed, among other things. Our rooms are intended to be
utilised for a range of activities that may be switched around as your requirements vary over time. Our garden rooms are completely
insulated, have heating and electricity, light fixtures, and are soundproofed and damp proofed, making them seem like an extension of
your house. You may completely furnish, decorate, and create an environment that you will like being in, and you can definitely customise
your space to suit your love of the movie. You already have power outlets and heaters, as well as lockable doors and windows for security
and comfort, as well as a kitchenette for your food and beverages. As you can see, you’ve already come a long way!

Creating a Unique Cinematic Experience

First and foremost, make a list of your favourite aspects of going to the movies in order to replicate them. Here are a few suggestions to
get you started:

a large screen

A large screen seems to be necessary, but if you don’t want a large TV taking up valuable wall space, you might use a projector instead.
This will still provide you with a big picture, but you’ll be able to keep this region clean if you wish to utilise the space for anything else.

Surround multi-channel sound

One of the most important aspects of going to a genuine cinema is being completely immersed in the film, which they accomplish with the
huge screen and surround sound. Extra speakers strategically placed around the room may easily replicate this effect.


If you really want to feel like you’re at a local movie theatre, you may buy and install cinema seats in your garden room. Alternatively, you
may use single lounge chairs or a big couch to accommodate the whole family.

Popcorn Maker

A popcorn machine would be a great addition to your garden room theatre, and if you choose a kitchenette, you could even convert the
countertop into a self-serve area for the kids to enjoy.

Drinks machines

A coffee or tea machine, as well as a fizzy drinks dispenser, will ensure that everyone who comes will find something they like, and you
will not need to return to the home to attend to everyone’s requirements. Anyone up for a free refill?!

Dimmer Switches

As previously stated, all of our garden rooms are equipped with power and light fixtures as standard, but these may be customised to
meet your specific requirements. A dimmer switch would be helpful for a complete cinema experience since you could adjust the lighting
based on who is viewing, the time of day, and for simplicity of usage.

Cushions and Blankets

The beauty of a home theatre is that you can make it much more comfortable and cosy by adding blankets, throws, a variety of pillows,
foot rests, bean bags, and so on.


Finally, to make your home movie room seem like a genuine thing, try adding movie posters, big prints, cardboard cutouts, or wall art

And there you have it, your new garden room has provided you with one home cinema experience.

For your ideal home cinema room in Glasgow contact Luke Lloyd Builders who can supply & build garden rooms for every purpose anywhere in west central Scotland