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One of the things many of us have missed during the recent coronavirus pandemic is the big screen experience offered by a trip to the
cinema. Watching films on TV, normally in your living room, just isn’t the same. That said, no-one misses the queues, the over-priced
snacks and the hassle of driving there, trying to find a parking space and then driving home – not to mention the texters and talkers that
mar today’s cinema-going experience.

There is a way you can bring the true cinema experience to your home. Create an extension for your very own home cinema palace.

What equipment do you need?

A large flat-screen television.

Many home theatre systems have a stunning image as their main point. Almost all modern televisions are high-definition, and they provide
a beautiful, high-resolution image of 4K or 8K. Some of them now provide 3D experiences in the privacy of your own home. You could
also use a high definition projector and screen, which are starting to become more affordable.

A fast internet connection

This allows you to stream high-quality content to your TV or projector, but if your internet connection is slow or you live in a rural area,
DVDs or Blu-rays can provide an alternative video input source.

Speakers and a receiver suitable for home cinema

A home theatre receiver is required to experience surround sound. A receiver is an audio command centre; it processes, amplifies, and
transmits audio signals to your speakers. You’ll need at least five voice-matched speakers and a subwoofer to get the optimum sound
from the movie.

Universal remotes and cables

Speaker cables, audio cables, and video cables are all required.

Just remember that extremely old or very cheap speaker wires, like very old or very cheap speakers, may impair your sound quality. A
universal remote may greatly simplify your system by allowing you to operate everything with just one remote. Modern Bluetooth &
wireless technology can allow you to reduce the amount of cabling necessary thanks to connectivity between your source and speakers.

Comfortable furnishings and adequate lighting

You may select your furniture based on the size of your room. You have the option of a large couch or a lovely armchair.When it comes to
TV rooms, ceiling lighting is the most popular thing. Use a dimmer switch to enjoy a fantastic movie in an ideal setting.

There you have it, a cinema in your very own home!

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