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If you’re thinking of expanding your house, a rear house extension is a popular and cost-effective choice, particularly for kitchen & dining
space, which are usually found at the rear of a home. It is often seen as the home’s centre and heart – a pleasant gathering area for
everyone. If you don’t plan ahead of time and think about it thoroughly, you may end up with “dead” space.

When considering an extension or renovation, there are a number of things to consider, ranging from the practical to the functional –
design, materials, daylight, lighting, flooring, storage, and seating, as well as construction and planning regulations.

If you want to alter the layout of your house by knocking down a wall to create an open living kitchen/diner or adding a side return
addition, you’ll need to think about the structural consequences and, in certain cases, you’ll need to contact a structural engineer if the
wall is a foundation component.

What are some things to think about?

What is the appropriate expansion size for your home? ” Maintaining the balance of your home is crucial; having too large ground floor or
too many bedrooms may make your home seem imbalanced.

What impact will your actions have on your neighbours? ” Showing your neighbours your plans at an early stage may assist keep them
on board and avoid later concerns.

Will you need planning permission or can this be accomplished via Permitted Development? ” The size of your home, whether it has had
any prior expansions, how large it is, if it is listed or in a conservation area, and the size of the planned extension are all factors to

Will a party wall agreement be required for the project? -A party wall agreement may be needed if some of the planned new work is within
a specified distance of your property’s border or is built on a common wall.

Will the work have an effect on your home in terms of the Building Regulations? -Any new construction work is subject to building rules.
Therefore, an extension must adhere to them.

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