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An increasing number of homeowners are adding glass expansions to their homes each year.

A glass extension is a great and modern addition to your living area, adding space and worth to your house. Warm in the winter and cool
in the summer, a glass expansion is a perfect and contemporary addition to your living area, adding space and value to your home. With a
contemporary glass addition, you may enjoy garden life this summer.

If your home faces north and lacks natural light, a glass expansion is the ideal answer. It will enable light to enter your house and open up
your space.

When you add aluminium bi-folding doors to a glass addition, you get not only a new room, but also your garden becomes an essential
part of your living area.

Select the kind of glass for your extension.

It’s critical to select high-quality windows since you’ll want to use them all year, if not more, and you’ll want them to be impervious to rain
and sun rays.

To retain the heat inside the conservatory, the glass should be double glazed, using specific safety glass. To ensure security and to
decrease the intensity of the sun’s rays, use laminated glass.

It’s also essential to choose high-quality locks and glass for your conservatory that can’t be removed from their frames.

Conservatories made of uPVC are sleek and contemporary in appearance, and they may be built in a number of woodgrain treatments to
match your house.

Aluminium conservatories are a low-maintenance, slim-line alternative with a wide variety of styles and colours to complement your

A new conservatory glass extension in Glasgow can be a cost-effective & visually-striking way to create additional space. Click here for more information from Luke Lloyd Builders