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“Can I have a garden room even if my garden is small?” is a frequent question we receive when a customer comes to us to explore
building a garden room. We see why this might be a worry, but there are methods to get around this space constraint just by reconsidering
a few things.

What size do I really need?

When contemplating a garden room for a smaller garden, the first thing to consider is the size of your home. You may be thinking right
now that this will result in a small structure that isn’t suitable for many uses. Reconsider your position. Just because you don’t have a big
garden doesn’t mean you have to make a lot of concessions.

Yes, a smaller structure would fit in better and still offer you with grass and patio area, but you don’t have to go for one the size of a
garden shed.

Our staff can assist you with coming up with the appropriate size room that will yet offer you with a functioning area using smart design,
the proper style choices, and careful planning. After all, a garden room may take on a number of forms. For example, a cube might fit
neatly into a corner of your garden and be sufficient for a home office, but you could also choose a longer and narrower design that spans
the breadth of your garden but does not take up too much length. We guarantee that a garden room does not have to be the focal point of
your tiny outdoor area.

Work the shape

If your yard has a lot of curves and corners, maybe these would be a good spot for your new structure? You may construct a room you’ll
enjoy without taking up too much of your limited outside area by tucking it into a border or coming off a corner. A summerhouse is a
wonderful example of a garden room that may function well in a corner since it is extremely tidy and its adorable appearance fits in nicely
in any sized garden.

Extend the house

Place your garden room across the rear of your house to make it seem almost like an extension of your home. So, when you walk out of
the back door, spin around and enter the entrance into your garden room from the patio area, for example. You won’t have to disturb your
tiny garden area at all, and your new structure will become a focal point of the house.

Don’t bother with extras

Maintaining a modest garden room can greatly enhance the overall appearance of your tiny garden. Don’t worry about roof overhangs
and canopies, and don’t even consider decking or paved entries; save the additional room for the interior, where it will be required, and
leave the exterior architectural frills alone. This will appear cleaner and more in line with the available area.

So there you have it, a few methods to create a garden room with a tiny garden. Why not contact us now for additional information or to
discuss your requirements?

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