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With the arrival of the long summer holidays with most of us staying at home rather than venturing abroad, could a garden room be the
solution to the great black cloud of unpredictably British weather that hangs above every summer?

Whatever you think of our British weather, one thing is certain: if you don’t like it one day, stay a long time because there’s a strong
chance it will change!

How do we ever manage to barbecque anything in Britain, with such drastic changes from drought to rain being typical of a normal
summer? Imagine having your own personal backup plan for a backyard party. A garden room may add a stylish extension to your
outdoor entertainment space, offering not only protection from the weather, but also a place to keep the beer and wine cold…

Whether the weather cooperates or not, barbecuing and the desire for an ‘al fresco’ lifestyle are growing in popularity. Britons seem to be
seeking a more Mediterranean way of life, with the amount of money spent on our outdoor areas rivalling that spent on our interior
spaces. As this change in value becomes increasingly evident, the ability to provide a beautiful outdoor environment and outdoor living
spaces may have a major impact on your home’s attractiveness in the real estate market.

The real worth of a garden room, on the other hand, is found in its adaptability. One of our garden structures can save a rained-out garden
party one day and then adjust to become that additional place for your teens to hang out or a playroom for your kids the next.

Imagine having an extra room for visiting visitors or your own uninterrupted “silent place” in the same garden room. The option is yours for
your own hideaway at the end of your garden.

Why not start making your garden room designs now and make a good impact… Every excellent thing starts with a brilliant concept, just
as rain starts with a single drop!

Luke Lloyd Builders offers you professional all year round use garden rooms in Glasgow (and anywhere in the Greater Glasgow area). Click here for more details and to arrange a free site visit & speedy quotation.