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Are you thinking of getting a relative a garden house? A garden room granny annexe may be the perfect option for you. We thought you
may find it helpful if we put up a collection of FAQ related to garden structures since we’ve seen an increase in inquiries from individuals
searching for one.

Is it necessary for me to get planning permission?

Yes. If you want to utilise a garden room for frequent overnight stays, you’ll need to apply for planning approval. For a little charge, we can
accomplish this for you. We work with a reputable third-party provider. It’s OK with us if you want to do things yourself.

Will my annexe meet Scottish building standards?

Yes. The majority of our garden rooms and garden studios currently fulfil or exceed all building requirements, therefore no formal
applications or inspections by Building Control inspectors are required. When it comes to construction rules, we make sure that all
requirements are fulfilled and that certification is acquired. All electrical installations are completed by competent staff. Fire spread
prevention measures are required for any structures with a floor area of 15 square metres or more that are within 1 metre of your garden’s

What size will my annexe be?

It’s all up to you! We provide customised designs, so your annexe may be studio-style or include one or two bedrooms, as well as a layout
that suits your needs. It must not account for more than half of the overall garden area. Every step of the journey, our specialists will be
there to advise and assist you.

What will the cost of my annexe be?

The cost is determined by a number of variables, the most important of which are the pricing and the features you choose. We are
committed to staying within your budget and delivering you with the highest quality house possible for your money.

How much time will it take to construct?

Your new annexe will usually be completed within one month of the commencement date. Your start date will be locked in our installation
calendar after your order is verified and your payment is paid.

What materials will I use to construct my garden house?

Our garden structures are made entirely of construction-grade wallboard, including the floor, walls, and roof. Your garden annex will be a
completely insulated area that you will be able to enjoy all year.

What services do you make use of?

The power supply for your new annexe is typically taken from your current house’s consumer unit. A consumer unit will be included, which
will divide the power supply to the major demand circuits. Water and drainage may also be connected to your home’s main utilities.

Is there a warranty on my building?

Yes, our garden rooms are covered by a guarantee. We place a high value on your mental well-being. We want you to be satisfied with
your structure and our service. If there is a problem, please give us a call and we would be glad to assist you in resolving it.

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