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Do you live in Glasgow and want to expand your living space without expanding your footprint? If you have a garage, this is an excellent
option to increase living space in your house.

Moving houses can be costly and time-consuming, so instead of incurring these expenses, many Scottish customers are looking at their
current homes and devising innovative methods to make the most of their existing space.

There are a few questions you should ask yourself at the start of the process to help you figure out how much money you’ll need to
devote to your garage conversion.

Before you start planning your garage conversion, there are a few questions you should ask yourself.

Is the garage currently connected or detached to the house?

What is the garage’s age?

Is it necessary to raise the ceiling, and can I install roof lights to enhance the illumination in the extra space?

What is the state of the walls and floors, and will they need extra measures to meet current building code requirements?

Will you want direct access to the area from outside and where will the entrance be from the house?

Let’s look at the benefits and drawbacks of a garage conversion.


Because you already have the framework in place, the investment needed is less than for an extension or loft conversion.

Planning may not be needed based on your local authority’s allowed development rights, since this should be classed as an interior fit out.

Because your garden is contained inside the existing footprint of the home, you are not utilising any of it.

You may use the area for anything: more kitchen space, another room (such as an office, utility, or playroom), an additional bedroom, and
depending on where the waste is located, you could even make it ensuite.

Keeping part of the garage space for storage and converting the back of the garage into a new living area.


Your garage space, as well as the storage facility it has become, will be taken away from you.

If you live in an area of Glasgow where parking is scarce, you may lose a parking spot at your house.

Is a garage conversion subject to planning permission?

A garage conversion may not need planning permission, but it’s always a good idea to double-check with your local authorities. At Luke
Lloyd Builders, we have a team of professionals that can take care of everything for you.

To double-check whether your local authority needs planning approval, speak to your local planning department.

Is a garage conversion subject to building regulations?

At Luke Lloyd, we’ll take care of the headaches that come with obtaining planning permission and construction permits, and we’ll work
with you to make sure you’re fulfilling all of the criteria for converting your garage into a livable space.

If you’re conducting research for a garage conversion and decide you’d rather not go through the bother of figuring out what’s needed, call
Luke Lloyd Builders, and we’ll take care of everything and make sure you’re in compliance.

Should you hire an architect or a surveyor to convert your garage?

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Converting your garage into a living space for an ageing parent

Check with your local government to determine whether you are eligible for any financial help before starting your project.

If you need to make accommodation for an ageing parent, a wet room may add to the expense, but there may be assistance available.
Contact your local HSCP to see what kind of help is available.

Working with Luke Lloyd Builders makes this process simpler since we have staff to assist you who are specialists in maximising the
usage of your living space.

Contact Luke Lloyd Builders today to get your project underway by arranging a free quote including a prompt site visit in the west of Scotland