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A garage conversion may be a wonderful way to add additional useable space to your house without having to expand your property.

For many individuals, a garage becomes a dumping ground and a space that is never completely used, particularly when it comes to
vehicle parking. You may improve floorspace and even the value of your house by turning your garage into an additional room or
expanding an existing room.

There are a few things to think about before you start planning a garage conversion. We’ll address some frequent questions and teach
you all you need to know about garage conversions in this tutorial.

How much does it cost to convert a garage?

The cost of a garage conversion is determined by the requirements of your garage space. A garage conversion should cost anywhere
between £6,000-15,000 depending on spec.

This is much less than the expense of converting a loft. Although the cost of converting a double garage may rise, it is anticipated to bring
more value to your house than the original cost.

The cost of converting a garage depends on a number of factors.

The foundation must be strengthened.

The walls, floors, and roofs are all in poor shape.

It will be necessary to increase the ceiling height.

applications for planning

A structural engineer’s services are required.

In modern construction, insulation is needed.

Internal vs. exterior garages-Which is better? Internal garages utilise a lot less material since two of the walls are already part of the

How long does it take to turn a garage into a living space?

Once the construction work begins, garage conversions are quite quick to complete. A single-car garage conversion will take around a
month to complete, depending on the construction of the current garage. Allow 1-2 months to transition from garage to living area.

Is it a good idea to convert my garage?

It’s critical that you evaluate the garage’s worth to your house. If you reside in an area with limited parking or parking zones, for example,
keeping your garage as a safe location to store a car may be more beneficial.

Converting your garage, on the other hand, may offer you and your home more living and storage space if you have enough room to park
your vehicle on a road or drive.

Advantages of Garage Conversion

Traditional garages are less popular, particularly if a drive is available, since they provide greater living floor area.

can raise the price of a home.

Converting a garage takes advantage of

A different lounge.

An additional bedroom

An additional bathroom

A playroom for kids

A more spacious kitchen

A home theatre

A home gym is a place where you may work out at your leisure.

A utility room for a home office

Is a garage conversion subject to planning permission?

A garage conversion does not generally need planning approval since it is inside, although there are exceptions.

You may require planning approval if you wish to convert your garage into a separate house, expand the size of your garage, or make
significant changes to the outside of your property. Before beginning any work, it’s a good idea to check with your local government’s
planning department. You must also adhere to all construction requirements.

Is it possible to convert my garage?

Internal Internal single garage-An internal single garage is constructed within the house’s construction. This typically adds around 150
square feet to your home’s floor area. This is also the most straightforward garage conversion.

Single garage-A single garage conversion will add about 14 square metres to your home’s floor area.

Converting a double garage into a living area would add approximately 28 square metres to your house. This is ideal for dividing a big
kitchen, dining, or living room into two sections.

Solitary garage ” With a standalone garage conversion, you may anticipate gaining the same 14 square metres of area. Be cautious with
the planning permit, since changing the use of this building may need an application.

Is it possible to convert a garage on your own?

If you have no prior experience with conversions, it is suggested that you use experts who are familiar with building regulations. If you’re
just redecorating your garage to make it more functional, go ahead and tackle it as a DIY job. Working with experienced experts is
recommended if you are removing interior walls, installing doors and windows, adding ventilation, heating, or new electrics.

Will converting my garage improve the value of my house when I sell it?

A garage conversion may improve the selling price of your property by expanding floor space or adding an additional room if your home
already has parking. It is estimated that it can add 10-25% value to your home.

Is a new room considered an additional bedroom?

If you want a new room to qualify as an additional bedroom when you sell your house, it must have been converted according to building
standards with the intention of being used as a sleeping space. Sufficient insulation and adherence to fire and safety standards are only a
few of the criteria.

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