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We’ve never understood why garage spaces are often overlooked sections of homes when they might be the ideal gym, studio, or even
living space.

If you’re searching for inspiration, we’ve put up a list of 10 real-life garage conversions. Not only that, but we’ll teach you how to make
them yourself if you’re remodelling a home.

The Office Space is the first garage conversion concept.

Through the use of well-designed fitting furniture and storage areas. Given the reduced thermal requirements, an office may be a good fit
for a garage. Because of the new remote working culture, you, too, may have the ideal home office that is distinct from the main house.

The primary benefits are the requirement for little insulation and plumbing, as well as the use of just mains power.

An appropriate work-from-home setting.

A strong emphasis on design

Building laws and planning procedures are subject to less red tape.

Lack of Natural Light-If possible, plan for plenty of artificial light. Especially if, like us, you’re a fan of biophilic design. Velux windows let in
natural light.

The Red Tape-Research the “change of use” planning regulations thoroughly, since this may cause problems if your property address is
converted to a business.

Keep in consideration the possibility of vehicle engine sounds, lawn mower noises, and other disturbances if the garage shares a wall with
neighbouring garages and driveways. Make sure you’re properly insulated!

The Utility & Boot Room is the second garage conversion concept.

Creating a space for your utility appliances is a more practical garage conversion option. The acoustic isolation it offers reduces washing
machine sounds, and it’s a wonderful way to free up space and use in the kitchen.

The major benefits are that there are little electrical needs apart from a dual outlet for the appliances.

When you’re attempting to watch The Handmaid’s Tale, say goodbye to tumble dryer noise.

It increases the amount of room available in the main home.

It may be used as a boot room or extra storage space.

Keep in mind that if you use washing machines, dishwashers, or other appliances, you’ll need a piped solution.

The Gym is the third garage conversion concept.

For good reason, the garage gym is a garage conversion cliché. Because of its minimal thermal, acoustic, and service needs, a garage
area is ideal for exercising. As a result, they are one of the most cost-effective garage conversion options.

The major benefits include: fewer needs-you may not even need electricity!

Great separation-finally, a location for your Peleton that doesn’t damage your interior décor!

Keep in mind: Size! Due to the size of your garage, you may be restricted to a particular kind and quantity of equipment; take care to
design a suitable arrangement to guarantee everything fits (including vertical space for a pull up bar)

Structure. Pull-up bars, large free weights, and wall bracket equipment will all be subjected to a great deal of stress. Make sure your
garage’s structure is capable of handling the load.

The Bedroom is the fourth garage conversion concept.

Additional bedrooms are a great idea, especially if the garage is attached to the main home. A change of use planning application and
building rules clearance are required for using a garage as a bedroom, although many people believe the benefits outweigh the

The primary benefits: a great method to make properties that would otherwise be unviable viable for you and your family.

A fantastic way to improve the selling price of your home.

Be wary of: Red Tape-A bedroom will require a change of use application as well as natural light from at least one window or roof-light;
this is the most hazardous choice in terms of obtaining planning permission.

Setup expenses and prerequisites are high.- Be mindful of thermal, acoustic, and maintenance needs to ensure that the garage meets the
criteria for a livable space.

Ventilation-Airflow is also important; if a bedroom has dampness, it may soon become unpleasant.
Idea # 5: Convert the garage into an addition to the main home.

When the garage is directly linked to the main home, it may be used as extra space for an existing room or to make the ground floor more
open. This kind of project often requires more effort to meet the necessary standard.

The major benefits are as follows:

A great method to make properties that would otherwise be unviable for you and your family viable.

A fantastic way to improve the selling price of your home.

Keep in mind:

Red tape-You’ll almost certainly need to submit a planning application.

Requirements and complexity-Be mindful of thermal, acoustic, and servicing criteria to ensure that the garage meets the requirements of
a livable room and connects to the main house’s thermal layer.

Changes in the heights of the floor and ceiling.

Alternatives-Extending and remodelling the current main home may achieve the same results without the trouble of updating a large
portion of an existing garage. Building rather than modifying may occasionally be more cost effective.

The Games Room is the sixth garage conversion concept.

A games area for entertaining friends and socialising is a good application for a garage conversion; they’re usually acoustically isolated, so
you can blast the music with minimal effort.

The major benefits are that there are few needs, and you may not even need electrics unless you wish to listen to music.

Acoustic isolation-great for when your teens have visitors.

If linked to a garden, it may be helpful for social gatherings.

Keep in mind the usual size of a tiny parking area and make allowances for enough breathing room (otherwise, you’ll have to go all
Ronnie O’Sullivan and slant your cue!)

Light and connections to other spaces-windows and openings to other social areas are essential for a games room to be a success and a
much-loved family place.

The Play Room is the seventh garage conversion concept.

For most families, having a separate area for the kids is a must. Garages may be a great place for older children to have their own area.
This area may be used as a games room for older children and other family members.

The major benefits are as follows:

If the garage is detached, there is acoustic isolation (the kids may be as loud as they want!)

This is an excellent location for entertaining children.

Toys and kid-friendly activities may all be kept in one place (finally, out of the kitchen!).

Natural light isn’t as important (kids are the least picky customers!)

Surveillance is something to be mindful of. It’s usually better to be able to watch your smaller children, which may be tough to do in a
garage. Is it possible for you to install glass doors? Windows?

To make the space more comfortable, insulation may be needed, which adds to the garage conversion expenses.

The Obstacles! Check to see whether you may apply for a change of use permit to convert your garage into a livable space.

Idea # 8 for garage conversion: Make advantage of the garage roof!

If your garage has a pitched roof with sufficient head height, you may build a new room into it while keeping or converting the room below.
This may be kept as a basic loft conversion or perhaps have dormers added.

The primary benefits are that you may make better use of your garage’s potential space.

More flexibility is possible, including the preservation of garage parking.

Red tape-Planning approval will very certainly be needed.

Check the height of the loft within the garage for feasibility. The distance between the bottom of the loft and the top of the roof pitch
should ideally be at least 2.3 metres.

Increasing costs-Loft conversions may be a beneficial investment, but this can change if big dormers and structural improvements are
added. Plan ahead to determine whether the investment is worthwhile.
Idea # 9 for a garage conversion is to add a roof addition over it.

Many homeowners choose to build roof extensions for an extra storey over their garage, especially when it adjoins their main house, in
order to maximise expanded space. This is a wonderful option to add one or two more bedrooms to your home.

The primary benefits are that it maximises the available space, thus boosting the house’s value (provided you get access and layout right)

More flexibility is possible, including the preservation of garage parking.

Be wary of: Red Tape-While this is a regular occurrence in many areas of the UK, it is the most contentious choice on our list when it
comes to planning permission; do your homework to see whether your property is likely to be approved.

Structure-Consult an architect and a structural engineer to determine if the current structure can support the increased weight of an
additional storey.

Access and connection to the main house-when the new addition connects to the main house, the thermal composition of the new
extension must meet construction requirements.

Increasing the cost-Adding an additional storey above the garage may be a great investment, but depending on the scale and design,
expenses can rapidly add up. Make sure to plan ahead to determine whether the investment is worthwhile.

Idea # 10 for a garage conversion is to wrap it around the main home.

Depending on where your garage is located. You may want to turn more of your house towards your garden. Converting the garage to
face the garden with a wrap-around porch may be a wonderful way to maximise your outdoor living area.

The primary benefits include the ability to create a prominent focus point for your home outside, which is ideal for social gatherings and
the summer season.

Keep an eye out for red tape. Make sure to look into if a project like this is likely to get planning clearance in your region.

Location. This solution is best for garages that are near to the main home and create a natural enclosed area by making a corner.

So there you have it. If you’re thinking of converting your garage, here are some suggestions.

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