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luke Lloyd garage conversion

Without needing to expand your house, this selection of top garage conversion ideas should have you well on your way to adding
additional room and value.

Before you start consuming all of our garage conversion ideas, there are a few practical considerations to keep in mind.

Garages are typically uncomfortable, long, narrow areas that don’t lend themselves to livable living since they were initially intended to
store vehicles.

You may need to tear down or rearrange walls in order to transform a garage into a pleasant and homey environment. This often
maximises the additional square footage you’ll get. Many homeowners combine a garage conversion with a complete ground-floor
renovation, which is a great concept that enables you to reimagine your existing areas while completely integrating your garage into your

People convert garages for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you want a larger kitchen, or perhaps you want to use it as a new boot room or
home office. They’re perfect for playrooms, dens, quiet hideaways for grown-ups, or basement WCs. Some individuals use them as a
ground-floor bedroom with a bathroom as well.

Whatever your motivation for converting your garage, you’ll discover some fantastic garage conversion ideas below.

No. 1 Garage Conversion Idea: Make a Home Office

If you’re going to utilise your garage conversion as a home office, make sure there’s enough storage.

The first of our garage conversion ideas is to create new home office space ” I’m sure there aren’t many of us who aren’t in desperate
need of this right now.

Garage conversion home offices are a fantastic option for doing homework, or for you or another member of the family to have a peaceful
and organised place to work from.

Garages are often situated away from the main living rooms and provide a separate entry for guests from the workplace.

Consider including built-in storage, many power outlets, and a decent source of natural light, as well as room for tea and coffee making
facilities, a sink, and even a toilet if you anticipate having guests.

Ideas for Garage Conversion No. 2: A Hobby Room

Use your garage conversion to keep all of the equipment you need for your hobby organised and in one location.

Creating a separate zone for your converted garage, whatever your new hobby room will be, is a wonderful idea.

The following are some interesting applications for your garage conversion:

gaming area in the house

library/reading room craft/hobby workshop cosy or den

Home gym gaming room

Having a separate area for your hobbies allows you to customise the space as needed without disrupting your current arrangement (or
affecting other family members).

You may also discover that the existing garage’s long and narrow form is ideal for your chosen activity, making the removal of existing
walls optional.

You could also add an entry door to enable direct access for guests, depending on the usage ” this is very useful for adolescent games or
hang-out areas.

No. 3 Garage Conversion Ideas: Break Through to Make a Kitchen Extension garage conversion ideas

By integrating a connected garage, you may have a larger kitchen without having to expand.

If your garage is next to your kitchen, tearing down the wall between the two to create one bigger family kitchen or kitchen/diner is a
fantastic option that also solves the long, narrow problems.

Incorporate a roof lantern or a row of skylights to enhance the quantity of light entering the new area”a wonderful way to fill the space
with brilliant, clean light while also making it seem more expansive.

To guarantee that each part of the new space has a unique function, divide it into zones. Make use of a variety of lighting, flooring, and
paint colours.

No. 4: Utility Room Garage Conversion Ideas

Because it’s simple to add an exterior door to a garage conversion, it’s ideal for a utility room or boot room.

Repurposing garages that are next to kitchens as a utility room or boot room is another method to put them to good use.
They allow you to simply integrate a rear door and, if you don’t already have one, you may install a downstairs WC.

Extend Above Your Garage (Garage Conversion Idea #5)

Extending over garages keeps the house’s footprint the same while providing significant additional room.

If you want to add a significant amount of additional space to your house as part of your garage conversion, you should consider
expanding over your garage. This may assist in achieving a sense of equilibrium between the ground and first floors.

If you add an en suite, you’ll have a wonderful self-contained guest room. However, if you want to add an additional bedroom for a family
member, you’ll need to think about the arrangement of the upper level and how the new bedroom will be accessible from there, so it
seems linked to the rest of the home.

Whatever your ideas for your garage conversion in Glasgow, Luke Lloyd Builders can make them a reality for a competitive price – click here to discover more