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These simple steps will help you transform your garage.

Converting a garage is a quick and cheap option to increase your property’s useful living area and value. It makes no sense to just leave your garage unused if you have the capability to make it useful in other ways. This article is for those who want to get started with their garage conversion.

Do you believe a garage conversion will increase the value of a home?
The value of your property might increase by 10% when you convert your garage into a living space.

Are permits required for garage conversions?

If you’re not making any structural changes to the property, you don’t need planning approval for garage conversions. Conversion may not be viable for those who reside in Conservation Areas, Listed Buildings, or who have unique needs for their garages.

Your new development will affect the usage of the area, and will thus have to adhere to building laws, including a building regulations sign-off. Go to the government websites for further information.

Should I keep the garage door?

It is possible to convert a garage into living space, and there is no need to get rid of the door! Storing your garage door while you go through the conversion process helps keep that area multi-functional for future owners. Furthermore, garage doors may serve as a feature that’s distinctly different from the rest of the house, due to its d├ęcor; if you want to replace your present garage door, then pick for something that matches your conversion while still keeping its functionality as a garage door for resale. Are you interested in learning more about your extensive selection of options here at Doormatic?

Do you know how to convert a garage yourself?

This task is a DIY project if you want to guide your conversion from start to end, or if you’re on a budget. To avoid ending up in a legal quagmire, ensure you buy conversion insurance prior to getting started. Ordinary house insurance may not cover conversions, so make sure you protect yourself.

If, however, you are interested in having every aspect professionally handled, there are several specialists who can help you design and construct an exceptional place that meets your own demands. Doormatic can help you choose the ideal door for your particular area.

How can I convert my garage?

It is strongly suggested that you have a structural engineer do a building survey on your garage before beginning any conversion work.

Find out what steps you’ll need to take to comply with building regulations.
Depending on the sort of building you own and the nature of the work you want to carry out, you may need to get planning clearance.

consider whether to keep the garage door
You may want to swap it out, or get rid of it altogether. Typically, we advocate keeping your garage door in good condition, since well-designed garages may add charm and utility while still accommodating future buyers.

choose a purpose for your space
There are many alternatives for what you can accomplish with a garage conversion. Looking at our garage conversion ideas may help inspire you to think outside the box when it comes to utilising your space.

Decide if you will do it yourself or have professionals handle it.
The degree of DIY skills you have, and the scale of the job, will determine this.

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