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In Fife, are you looking for a high-quality garage conversion?

We offer the ideal blend of experienced garage conversion specialists and skilled Scottish builders to meet your exact requirements for a full garage conversion from start to finish.

Luke Lloyd Builders has the ability to convert various sorts of garages, including single, double, detached, and integrated garages. Converting garages into guest bedrooms, play dens, utility or kitchen spaces, offices, or gyms is a common option. Garage conversions are a less expensive alternative to relocating or building an extension to your home.

Did you know that converting your garage may increase the value of your property by 10-15%?

Luke Lloyd Builders may convert a flat-roofed garage to a pitched roof or build a room over the garage if necessary. The conversion teams of Luke Lloyd Builders have been properly checked, trained, and are extremely competent in their respective sectors. Every project is completed in accordance with all applicable legal norms and legislation.

Conservatories and house extensions are also available from us.

Luke Lloyd Builders is a market leader in executing projects on time, on budget, and of the best quality.

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Why Should You Convert Your Garage?

What Are the Benefits of Converting Your Garage?

There are several reasons for converting a garage in Fife, ranging from the need for more space to accommodate your growing family to the building of your dream kitchen or the desire to have a specific location to call your own. Each homeowner has a different reason for evicting the garden tools and garbage that accumulate in the garage. According to the RAC, 9 percent of family automobiles were parked overnight in garages in 2018. As a result, the vast majority of homeowners never use their garage for its original function. Furthermore, a garage conversion may raise the value of your home by up to 20%. However, before beginning home remodeling improvements as an investment, it is advisable to study current ceiling prices for comparable properties in your neighbourhood.

Within reason, you can accomplish a variety of things with a garage conversion. The following are some of our favourite garage conversion ideas:

Create an open-plan living space.

Combining your kitchen, living room, and dining room will result in a stunning, attractive area that will add movement to your home, enhance natural light, and give a connection to the garden. Open-plan living, which is popular among homeowners, is an ideal way to create an indoor-outdoor atmosphere that connects you to your surroundings.

This sort of room may be created by tearing down walls and, if required, reorganising your basement space, then combining it with floor-to-ceiling windows and bi-folding doors to create a magnificent environment that invites the outside in.

Make room for your interests or hobbies.

If you are passionate about a certain hobby, creating a zone dedicated to it may be a dream come true. Converting your garage space may be the best option for you if you want a room for your train set, a man cave, a reading room, a yoga room, a gym, or a workshop for your favourite art or craft. The following are some of the advantages of converting your garage into a hobby room:

Any equipment needed for your activity is kept apart from the more communal/family spaces.

You have your own escape. The space provided by your garage may be just what you want, and you won’t have to do any big construction work, such as wall demolition.

At-home office

If you need a place to work from home, a studio, or a workshop, your garage may be the perfect answer. Depending on the layout of your garage, you might be able to construct a self-contained room with its own entrance. This is useful if you need to have customers or business guests at your house but want to keep work and home apart.

Playroom for Children

If your family is growing, converting the space given by your garage into a children’s playroom might have a major influence. Toys multiply quickly, as every parent knows, and having a location where you can lock the door on the mess and noise may be a lifesaver. Furthermore, when youngsters get older, their playroom may be used to accomplish homework and socialise with friends.

A two-story garage was converted.

Why not explore a double-story garage conversion if you truly want to go all out? This enables you to create the space you like on the main level while also adding an additional bedroom or bathroom above, or both if space allows. Although double-story garage conversions take longer to complete, are more likely to require planning permission, and are more expensive than single-story garage conversions, the extra space may have a major influence on your home life.

Luke Lloyd Builders specialises in garage conversions and will advise you on the best option for your specific circumstances.

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    Most Popular Questions

    What is the average cost of a garage conversion?

    Garage conversion prices can only be correctly determined after a site visit and survey, as well as a firm quotation. Each client’s demands, budget, actual garage layout, and venue are special, posing unique obstacles

    Will my garage conversion need planning permission?

    This is dependent on a variety of factors; however, we can Still consult with the local council’s planning department and the criteria varies depending on the extent of your project, the council area you live in, and also your particular street/estate/district. If you need to get approval, our architect (or your own) can walk you through the process and assist you.

    How long will a garage conversion take to complete?

    The time it takes to create a garage conversion (excluding design and planning periods) varies depending on the scope of the work involved with your specific project, for example, a single garage converted into a single space can take 2-3 weeks, while a more complicated double garage converted into a flat can take 4-6 weeks. When we give you a quote, we’ll give you a general timeline and scheduling for your project.

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    What Modifications Do I Need To Do?

    Windows and doors

    Take into account the following:

    To comply with building codes, all new windows must be double-glazed and energy-efficient.

    It is critical to consider ventilation. In rooms where steam will be produced, more ventilation, such as a fan and a window, is necessary.

    It’s likely that you’ll repair the foundations, lay bricks, and replace the garage door with a new window. If you want the room to blend in with the rest of your home, make sure the new windows and brickwork match.

    Ascertain that your new windows and doors are fire-resistant, providing appropriate escape routes in the event of a fire.

    The roof has been completely rebuilt.

    It’s conceivable that your original garage roof is waterproof and functional, but if it isn’t, you’ll need to make changes. This might be a good time to change the structure to fit the rest of the home, such as going from a flat to a pitched roof.

    Insulation and damp proofing

    To meet building codes, all walls, floors, windows, and roofs must be insulated, and the walls and floors must be damp-proofed. Insulation must meet U-values set by building codes as a minimum requirement. They do, however, differ across the UK, so check with your local authorities.

    It is advisable to invest in the best possible insulation rather than meet the bare minimum, especially if the area will be used as a bedroom or living room.

    Electricity and plumbing

    This is a great time to bring your electrical up to code to match the rest of your house. Make a detailed examination of the position of electrical outlets and lighting at this stage.

    If you’re adding a shower room or a toilet to your new space, you’ll need to determine where the present water and waste outputs are, since this will affect how straightforward the conversion will be.

    Consider whether your present boiler can be used to heat the additional space, or whether underfloor or electric heating is a better choice.

    Who will help me convert my garage?

    You may need a range of specialists depending on the scale and complexity of your project.

    Structural Designer

    A structural engineer will be in charge of producing the structural drawings and calculations required to comply with building codes. Because most garage conversions are straightforward, and most homeowners have a clear brief and will not require planning permission, a structural engineer rather than an architect is likely all you’ll need.

    Architecting technology

    An architectural technologist (CIAT) is an excellent choice if you have a clear brief and need assistance obtaining planning permission. A qualified architect (ARB) is unlikely to be necessary because they are design experts and most garage conversions do not require design inspiration.


    If you’re converting a garage into a run-down or historic property, it’s a good idea to employ a surveyor from the outset to identify any issues you may otherwise overlook.



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