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Looking for a high-quality garage conversion in Ayrshire?

We have the perfect combination of experienced garage conversion professionals and talented Scottish builders to satisfy your unique specifications for a comprehensive garage conversion from start to finish.

Luke Lloyd Builders can convert all types of garages, including single, double garage conversions, detached, and integrated garages. Garage Conversion to guest bedrooms, play dens, utility or kitchen areas, offices, or gyms are all popular. Garage conversions are a more inexpensive option than relocating or constructing an addition to your house.

Did you know that converting your garage may add 10-15% to the value of your home?

If necessary, Luke Lloyd Builders may convert a flat-roofed garage to a pitched roof or construct a room above the garage. Luke Lloyd Builders conversion teams have been thoroughly verified, trained, and are highly talented in their respective industries. Each project is carried out in compliance with all applicable legal rules and laws.

We also offer conservatories and house extension.

Luke Lloyd Builders is a leader in completing projects on time, on budget, and to the highest standards. If your looking for garage conversion builders then give us a call.

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Sean Paul
Sean Paul
The service provided throughout the whole job from start to finish was highly professional and outstanding. They took all the stress of managing a building project and delivered a fantastic result, assisted with the initial plans, and had some great ideas I would recommend their services 100%.
Rose Lai
Rose Lai
I do not judge people by the mistakes, but by how they deal with them.We felt, very quickly in safe hands.We paid a fair price, received a great service and excellent works.We couldn’t ask for more and we would recommend them (and we never do that lightly)
Arden Denofrio
Arden Denofrio
Good communication throughout and having a fixed cost agremment made it easier for us to keep to our budget.
Chelsea Clarke
Chelsea Clarke
His team were very professional.The guys were great to deal with and were happy to talk to me if I had any queries while they were working on site.They did the job in good time, with little as possible disruption to myself.They cleaned up after themselves.Overall experience was excellent.
Matthias Vasseur
Matthias Vasseur
Very helpful in discussing options and giving advice on loft conversions, possibilities, impossibilities etc. Very friendly, straight-talking and informative. Would certainly recommend to anyone considering their loft options.
Iveth Fonseca
Iveth Fonseca
The finish is of an incredibly high standard and advice & direction given when necessary was great. Couldn't recommend these guys enough and would most certainly use again if I ever required.
Barma Yandeho
Barma Yandeho
We are extremely pleased with the results. The work is of extremely high standards.It was important to us to have people we can trust. We are so happy – Thank you
Julia Sharlin
Julia Sharlin
There were helpful, responsive, great value and did a really good job. Highly recommended.
Chanel Walker
Chanel Walker
The work was completed so quickly to a very high standard. I wouldn't hesitate to use them again and would definitely recommend their services.
Rodolfo Gibbs
Rodolfo Gibbs
I thought it was fitting to leave my thoughts and opinions on the business. Over the past few years, we have expanded and grown as a business and employees. I thoroughly enjoy working with my colleagues and our clients a-like and am looking forward to what the future holds.
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Why Should You Convert Your Garage?

Numerous reasons exist for converting a garage in Ayrshire from the necessity for additional room to accommodate your increasing family to the creation of your ideal kitchen or the need to have a particular spot to call your own. Each homeowner has a unique cause for evicting the garden equipment and rubbish that gather in a garage. In 2018, the RAC reported that 9% of family vehicles were stored overnight in a garage. As a result, the great majority of homeowners never use their garage for the purpose intended. Additionally, a garage conversion may increase the value of your property by up to 20%. However, it is prudent to research current ceiling prices for comparable houses in your neighbourhood before embarking on home remodelling projects as an investment. Lots of our customer are looking to convert their garage into a bar for some late night drinks.

There are various things you can do with a garage conversion, within reason. Our top garage conversion ideas include the following:

Construct an open-plan living area

Combine your kitchen, living room, and dining room to create a beautiful, appealing area that will add movement to your house, increase natural light, and provide a connection to the garden. Open plan living, which is popular among homeowners, is an excellent method to create an indoor-outdoor environment that brings you closer to your outside environment.

This type of room may be built by knocking down walls and reorganising your basement space if necessary, then combining it with floor to ceiling windows and bi-folding doors to create a stunning area that invites the outdoors in.

Create Rooms for your hobbies or passions

If you are devoted to a certain pastime, building a zone dedicated to it may be a dream come true. Whether you want a room for your train set, a man cave, a reading room, a yoga room, a gym, or a workshop for your favourite art or craft, converting your garage space may be the correct choice for you. The benefits of transforming your garage space into a hobby room include the following:

Any equipment required for your activity is stored away from more communal/family areas.

You have your own getaway The area your garage provides may be just what you need, and you won’t have to do major construction work, such as wall removal.

Office at home

If you’re looking for a space to use as a home office, studio, or workshop, your garage may be the ideal solution. Depending on the configuration of your garage, you may be able to build a self-contained room with its own door. This is advantageous if you need to host customers or job-related guests at your home but wish to keep work and home distinct.

Children’s Playroom

If your family is expanding, utilising the space provided by your garage to build a children’s playroom might make a significant impact. Anyone who is a parent knows that toys proliferate exponentially, and having space where you can close the door on the clutter and noise may be a lifesaver. Additionally, when children get older, their playroom may be utilised to complete homework and socialise with friends.

Conversion of a two-story garage

If you really want to go all out, why not consider a double storey garage conversion? This allows you to build the space you want on the main level while also adding an additional bedroom or bathroom upstairs, or both if space permits. Although double-storey garages take longer to build, are more likely to require planning approval, and are more expensive than single-storey garage conversions, the additional space may make a significant impact on your home life.

Luke Lloyd Builders are garage conversion experts and can advise you on the best solution for your particular situation.

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With the consumer in mind, quality and architecture is prioritised. We take pride in using only the finest — the best tools, the best construction methods, and the best people when working on your project.

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    Most Popular Questions

    What is the average cost of a garage conversion?

    Garage conversion prices can only be correctly determined after a site visit and survey, as well as a firm quotation. Each client’s demands, budget, actual garage layout, and venue are special, posing unique obstacles

    Will my garage conversion need planning permission?

    This is dependent on a variety of factors; however, we can Still consult with the local council’s planning department and the criteria varies depending on the extent of your project, the council area you live in, and also your particular street/estate/district. If you need to get approval, our architect (or your own) can walk you through the process and assist you.

    How long will a garage conversion take to complete?

    The time it takes to create a garage conversion (excluding design and planning periods) varies depending on the scope of the work involved with your specific project, for example, a single garage converted into a single space can take 2-3 weeks, while a more complicated double garage converted into a flat can take 4-6 weeks. When we give you a quote, we’ll give you a general timeline and scheduling for your project.

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    What Modifications Do I Need To Do?

    Doors and windows

    Consider the following:

    • To meet the construction rules, all new windows must be double glazed and energy-efficient.
    • It’s important to think about ventilation. A higher amount of ventilation, such as a fan and a window, is required in rooms where steam will be created.
    • It’s likely that you’ll rebuild the foundations, lay bricks, and install a new window where the original garage door was. If you want the room to fit in smoothly, make sure the new windows and brickwork match the rest of your house.
    • Ensure that your new windows and doors are fire-safe, including having adequate escape routes in the case of a fire.

    The roof has been replaced.

    It’s possible that your original garage roof is watertight and suitable for its purpose, but if it isn’t, you’ll need to make improvements. This might be a good opportunity to modify the construction to match the rest of the house, such as switching from a flat to a pitched roof.

    Damp protection and insulation

    To fulfil building regulations, all walls, floors, windows, and roofs must be insulated, as well as the walls and floors damp-proofed. As a minimum requirement, insulation must fulfil U-values established by building regulations. However, they vary across the UK, so check with your local authorities.

    It is preferable to invest in the finest available insulation than to achieve the minimal requirements, especially if space will be utilised as a bedroom or living room.

    Plumbing and electricity

    This is an excellent opportunity to bring your electricity up to code to match the rest of your house. At this step, make sure you carefully evaluate the location of electrical outlets and lights.

    If you’re adding a shower room or a toilet to your new area, you’ll need to figure out where the current water and waste outflows are, since this will impact how easy the conversion will be.

    Consider if your existing boiler can be utilised to heat the extra room, or whether underfloor or electric heating is a better option.

    Who will assist me in converting my garage?

    Depending on the scope and complexity of your project, you may require a variety of professionals.

    Structural Engineer 

    A structural engineer will be in charge of creating the structural drawings and calculations needed to meet building codes. Because most garage conversions are uncomplicated and most homeowners have a clear brief and won’t need planning approval, a structural engineer rather than an architect is likely all you’ll need.

    Technologist in architecture

    If you have a clear brief and require assistance getting planning approval, an architectural technologist (CIAT) is a fantastic alternative. A qualified architect (ARB) is unlikely to be required because they are professionals in the design process and most garage conversions do not necessitate design inspiration.


    If you’re doing a garage conversion in a run-down or historic home, it’s a good idea to hire a surveyor from the start to uncover any difficulties you would otherwise ignore.


    You will need to hire a builder unless you are an expert yourself. You may either hire a garage conversion contractor who can handle everything and hire experts (such as plumbers and electricians), or you may hire individuals and oversee the job yourself.

    Be aware that project managing different craftsmen who have never worked together before might be difficult. Also, many people search for cheap garage conversions. If you decide to do it on a budget we can help explain all the options to you.


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