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house extension

When designing your ideal home extension, the flooring plays a big part in defining the look & feel of your finished project. In the UK,
carpets have held sway for many years, but our European neighbours have always preferred the clean lines and hygienic solutions
offered by hard floors, either tiled or wooden, and increasingly, we find our Glasgow customers prefer the sophisticated style that they
impart, thanks to that and the wide range of colours on offer to match any design language. Various types are suited best to various
purposes/uses depending on the nature of your extension.

Ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles are divided into three categories: glazed, unglazed, and porcelain. You’re good to go after you understand the differences.


Glass-forming minerals and ceramic stains are applied to glazed ceramic tiles. They’re usually available in matte, semi-gloss, or high-
gloss finishes. Unglazed tile is less resistant to stains and moisture than glazed tile. Glazed tiles may be finished in a number of ways.
High-gloss surfaces are prone to slipping and scratching, while matte or textured finishes provide better grip and hide grime.


Ceramic tiles that have not been glazed are hard and dense. They’re available with various surface treatments and textures. This kind of
ceramic tile is often used outside of the house since it does not provide as much stain resistance as glazed ceramic tile. Although
unglazed tiles are slip resistant, they must be sealed to prevent discoloration.


Porcelain tile is made up of feldspar and is burned at a considerably higher temperature than regular ceramic tile. Porcelain tiles are thus
even harder and denser than other types of tile. Because of its high durability, porcelain is more resistant to scratches and can withstand
extreme temperatures. Porcelain is inherently stain resistant and has a low water absorption rating due to its non-porous nature. As a
consequence, porcelain tiles may be utilised on the inside and outside, as well as in high-traffic and commercial locations. Small scratches
or chips are less apparent since the colour of a porcelain tile pervades the whole tile.

Timber flooring

With a broad variety of gentle light, mid, and dark wood tones to define your living area…. interlocking planks are meticulously created for
authenticity, as seen in traditional wood flooring…. finish gives you a stunning and flexible background to fit your room style.

Real and engineered wood flooring will give your house a classic appearance. In every type of house, timber flooring may set the perfect
tone. It appears natural, warm, and rustic in a rural home, and it may balance the coziness of the rustic with the clean lines of
contemporary furniture in a modern setting. Using a variety of textures and surfaces to create amazing effects is possible.

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