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When you texture your house’s walls, you achieve two goals. To begin, you must first turn uninteresting surfaces into pitted, peaked, or
otherwise aesthetically attractive objects of interest. Second, you can conceal any imperfections on the wall, saving you the trouble of
having to make a dozen minor repairs. What’s more fascinating from a design standpoint is that textured walls may reflect and bounce
light off of objects that may need more light reflection, as well as provide a unique character to houses without the need for extra interior

This is particularly important in certain areas, such as lofts and north-facing homes, where warm effects or light reflections are desired.
With wall texturing, you can get really creative and even use wood! The use of salvaged wood as a wall treatment gives depth and
character to a room that is frequently devoid of it. Exterior siding, barn wood, wainscot, and a high school gym floor all come together to
create a wall with depth and character. This may almost make your house seem like it’s outside.

If you want a sleek, modern appearance, use metallic and reflective materials in grey and light colours to add height to your walls and to
create eye-catching details in the stairwells and landings. Picking up inspiration from far-flung places may also offer an interesting twist to
your wall texturing experiences for all you globetrotters out there. You can bring a kaleidoscope of ideas into your interior, from tiles to
wall paper to polished brass and copper mosaics.

When you expand your house and don’t want to fill the extra square footage with needless clutter or furniture, wall texturing may provide
you with a blank canvas on which to express yourself. The concrete cement wall texture is also a fantastic way to give your extended
home a new, modern, and one-of-a-kind vibe.

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