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House renovations are extremely popular in Lanarkshire. You’d be amazed at what you can do with just a little effort. If you’re considering
a larger project, such as a house addition, your choices expand even more. Loft conversions are an excellent choice for a home addition.
A loft conversion entails transforming an existing space into a livable space. In many instances, this entails incorporating a staircase into
the existing structure and adding a dormer to raise the head height and give the space a more livable form.

What is the definition of ridge height?

Your property’s ridge height is the highest point on the land. It’s the top line you can see from a distance if you take a step back and gaze
at your property like this:

What exactly is a dormer?

The most frequent kind of loft extension we install at Luke Lloyd Builders is a dormer. Because most local governments do not approve of
changes to the front of the property, we make changes to the back. With the exception of a handful of Velux windows that may be
installed, the front pitch is usually kept unaltered. The dormer eliminates the sloping roof at the back of the house and replaces it with a
flat roof that runs from the ridgeline to the garden. The space takes on a square form as a result of this.

Is it possible to convert my loft?

Yes, most usually; but, there are rare outliers. To be sure, we’ll need to inspect your current property. It depends on what you currently
have as a loft, as well as the layout of your current home. The stairway to the loft must be included in your first-floor design. In a typical
Victorian terrace, there is usually a spot for this that runs beside the stairway connecting the ground and first floors. In certain instances,
this space is insufficient, and we must consider changing the first-floor plan. Another reason you may not be able to convert your loft is a
lack of planning approval. If you own a listed building, you may be limited in what you can do.

What if my ridge height isn’t quite right?

The ridge height on most houses is 200-250cm. In order to have a suitable head height in your converted loft, you’ll need at least 210cm.
We may ask for authorization to raise the ridge height if we need to raise your head height. An alternative option is to lower your loft’s
floor levels, which is basically the first-floor rooms’ ceiling. Because Victorian terraces often had high ceilings, it doesn’t detract too much
from the visual appeal. Because it is a pretty large project from a construction standpoint, the recommended approach is to raise the ridge
height if permitted by your local council.

How much does it cost to convert a loft?

In Scotland, a loft conversion can cost anywhere between £18,000 and £55,000 (dependent on specification). Three major variables will
have the most impact on cost. The size of the extension you wish to do is the first consideration. The glass inside that extension is the
second. What kind of windows, skylights, and doors are you looking for? The final consideration is the construction and arrangement of
the host property. If the property’s ridge height is low, for example, you may need to lower the first-floor ceiling to get an appropriate head
height in the loft. More information about loft conversions and their related expenses may be found here.

How long will it take you to finish it?

The design & approval process takes a few months depending on your requirements. You’ll need plans, approval from the city, and
structural calculations. A typical loft conversion will take 3-4 months to complete. It may take longer if you choose custom items like
made-to-measure glazing since you can only order the glass once the shell is completed.

Want to discuss your loft conversion project?

Contact our staff and we’ll schedule a site visit for you. This allows us to get a better understanding of your project and ideas.

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