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Bungalows are very adaptable homes. Bungalow restorations are one of our favourite projects to support and follow since they fit a
variety of lifestyles and, more importantly, they are highly transformable. Bungalow dormer expansions are a very simple method to
increase the size of the home with little structural changes.

Here are some ideas we at Luke Lloyd Builders consider worthy of consideration.

Include a balcony.

A dormer addition is a great way to add more outdoor space to your home. A balcony will provide an additional covered outside area
during wet days.

Create a single continuous dormer for the home.

Inside, the continuous dormer provides for large, light-filled spaces.

Match the new dormers to the front of the house.

If your bungalow is in a conservation area or is historically important, you may be obliged to match the remainder of your fa├žade with your
dormer addition. This will provide a feeling of cohesion in your design.

Get a brand-new roof.

In order to achieve structural or thermal improvements, a dormer extension or loft conversion may need a full roof re-do or upgrade.

Preserve the building’s original characteristics.

Dormer expansions are often associated with roof renovations and retiling. Don’t forget to save the historical and fascinating
characteristics that made you fall in love with your home in the first place while you alter certain sections of it.

Experiment with symmetry

A symmetrical design is always a safe bet. Place a dormer in the centre of your home for a classically pleasing look.

Make the most of the light

Dormer extensions are a great way to increase the amount of light in your house. Full-height windows will provide a contemporary
aesthetic to your home while also providing much-needed light.

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