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man cave garden room
customers are alike, we strive to convey their individuality in our work. One of the most essential aspects of what we offer, along with the excellent quality of our constructions and our personalised service, is creating an original and personal design. Survey of the Location When we meet you and your yard for the first time, we begin the design process for our unique garden rooms. When we view the space and you tell us what you want, we start to see what’s feasible, and the design begins to take shape right in front of our eyes. We consider the space, its surroundings, and the neighbourhood in which you reside, as well as who you are and what makes your house special. When we meet with our customers, the design process truly starts to flow. Conversation During our Site Survey, we take a break and sit down to speak. We’re currently attempting to learn more about you. Your daily routine, your family, and how you use your outside area are all factors to consider. All of this information helps us to better envision your new bespoke garden room and determine how to best utilise the available space. We create a few rough sketches while WeChat so you can see what we’re thinking and tell us whether we’re on the right track. Design We are so enthusiastic about each of our projects that we frequently begin preliminary drawings on the same day. We then let it steep for a bit before moving on to more detailed sketches. We provide you an early concept after we’re satisfied with our thoughts. This will allow us to share our perspective and begin a conversation with you. We want you to be completely happy with the finished garden room, so we’ll keep working until you get the design you want. Proposal We’ll transform the concept into a set of final design drawings that will be included in our proposal to you once we’re both pleased with it. This final design also enables us to provide you with a precise estimate of your investment. Each of our ideas includes three-dimensional drawings of your garden structure, technical specifications, and a detailed pricing breakdown. We’ll also let you know when we’ll be able to start working on your project. Options We begin fine-tuning all of the possibilities for your garden room after you agree to proceed based on our proposal. Because bespoke garden rooms have so many options, it’s critical to plan every detail, from the colour of your wall plugs to the design of your bathroom faucets. Each decision has the potential to impact the architecture of your project; thus, we polish the specifics here so that we may make appropriate modifications to the final blueprints. Let’s Get This Party Started We may begin after everything is agreed upon and you are satisfied with each option you have chosen. Your building’s design is now complete, and we’re ready to begin construction. This is also when we begin ordering all of your project’s materials. Even at this stage, you still have the option to modify things. We want to make certain that your new garden structure is precisely what you envisaged. You’ll know what it’ll look like and when it’ll be done about this time, which is something to look forward to. Click here for more information if you’re looking to build a garden room in Glasgow