It is a long established fact that a reader of a page when looking at its layout.


The garage is often the least used room in the home.

After a time, it is not even used to park vehicles in many houses. It eventually turns into a shop for broken toys and items that you should
have probably sold. When you think about it, this empty space might be utilised for a variety of purposes.

One excellent idea is to turn it into a bar. Because the garage is traditionally a man’s domain, converting it into a bar to hang out with your
friends on a Sunday evening sounds appropriate.

Luke Lloyd Builders says converting your garage into a bar requires less effort than you would imagine. By following a few easy steps,
you can transform your garage into the talk of the town. So, what do you have to lose? Take notes, start constructing, and brag to your
buddies about your sick bar!


Remove everything you don’t need. You may donate to charity shops, give away or just list items on Ebay that you no longer need. Get
rid of everything you won’t be able to sell. Find a location to keep the remaining items until your bar is completed.

Clean and mop the floors, and remove any cobwebs that may have accumulated in the corners or on the walls. Wash the walls if they are


Colour and lighting are the two most important elements in determining the atmosphere of your bar (we will get to lighting in a while).
Consider how you intend to utilise the bar the most, whether it’s for drinking, watching a football event, or playing arcade games (if you
have them). Maintain a balance between your own preferences and likes and warm colours that make guests feel at ease. You may even
utilise a colour combination, but this may require more knowledge.


Choosing the appropriate lighting for your bar is an important aspect of the construction process. As previously said, lighting is an
important aspect in creating the right ambiance in your bar. If you’re aiming for a contemporary monochromatic look, white ceiling lights
may be the way to go.

In the end, select lighting, colour, and style that complement the paint work, as well as your bar’s intended ambience and vibe.

Convert your garage into a bar in Glasgow and give yourself the socialising space you’ve always promised. Who needs the pub? Contact Luke Lloyd Builders to discuss your garage conversion