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Are you searching for a skilled contractor to custom-build a garage conversion for your home?

A well-planned garage conversion may add to the value of your house and is one of the most cost-effective methods to increase the
resale value of your home. Increased living space without the expenses and hassles of relocating (or a full-blown extension) is another

The interior area of most garages is usually longer and thinner than most people want in their rooms. Consider converting the garage into
two rooms using stud or block walling to give the conversion a more natural form. The extra room is often utilised as a bedroom with an
en suite toilet or shower room. Others choose a storage facility. Consider how you want to utilise the rooms and either sketch them
yourself or get an expert to do it.

Compliance with building rules, including the issuance of a building notice to your council, is required when converting a garage to a
livable space. Ventilation, moisture proofing, insulation, fireproofing, escape routes, and structural soundness are all covered by building
regs. As a consequence, they must be considered in virtually every design choice. However, there are a few other important things to

If you reside in a historic structure or in a conservation area.

If the conversion expands your house beyond your permitted development rights.

You’re converting the garage for business use.

Your city has limited on-street parking.

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