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Victorian Conservatory

When adding a conservatory to your house or considering the many choices for new conservatory roofs to give your current conservatory
an update, knowing how to select the finest glass for a conservatory roof is critical.

You can guarantee you’re receiving the finest materials possible for your budget, design, and requirements by learning which glass is
ideal for your conservatory roof and the many kinds of glazing available.

Glass conservatory roof advantages

Budget-friendly polycarbonate conservatory roofs, temperature-regulating tiled or solid conservatory roofs, light and brilliant glass
conservatory roofs, and ‘best of all worlds’ lantern roofs are the most popular conservatory roof choices.

Homeowners may reap many advantages by opting for a glass roof for their conservatory. Glass, as opposed to alternative roofing
materials like polycarbonate sheets or a lightweight tiled roof, is adaptable to the changing seasons and the various purposes of your
garden room.

A conservatory glass roof may provide the following benefits, depending on the kind of glass you choose:

More calm and serenity. When it rains, glass conservatory roofs are usually quieter than polycarbonate roofs. Furthermore, double-glazed
roof insulation offers additional soundproofing, allowing you to enjoy your garden even if you live near a busy road or party a bit later into
the evening without bothering your neighbours.

Extra-lightweight. When compared to polycarbonate or tiled roofs, glass conservatory roofs let the most light into the space, even on a
cloudy day. And selecting low-glare glass means you’ll just be amazed by how beautiful your conservatory is.

It’s more convenient. Self-cleaning glass is also available for modern conservatories, minimising the time spent mounting ladders and
washing hard-to-reach areas at the top of your conservatory.

Warmth and energy efficiency in a single package. Conservatory glass nowadays is made to be as environmentally friendly as possible.
As you insulate your conservatory to keep the heat in when it’s required and prevent wasted energy from leaving, you’ll discover that the
amount of time you spend in it grows as your energy costs decrease.

More time to relax and unwind. Glass roofs are more robust than polycarbonate roofs, so homeowners will get more pleasure out of them
over time. They will endure longer and continue to look great. You may avoid the expense of replacing a polycarbonate roof with a lifetime
of approximately twelve years if you take proper care and maintenance.

What Is the Price of a Glass Conservatory Roof?

The price of a glass conservatory roof varies based on the size, design, and quality of the conservatory. However, costs may range from
£2,000 for a small lean-to conservatory to approximately £6,000 for a larger Edwardian style conservatory.

For a free estimate, contact Luke Lloyd Builders. We’ll be able to advise you on the many glazing choices available to fit the size of your
project, as well as come up with several budget-friendly solutions.

Four of the Best Conservatory Roof Glasses

Once you’ve determined that glass is the way to go for your conservatory roof, the following step is deciding the kind of glass to use.

Choose from a variety of cutting-edge conservatory glazing choices that use the most cutting-edge glass technology to provide a variety
of advantages for your conservatory.

Toughened Safety Glass (Standard)

This is the most cost-effective conservatory glass roof choice. However, it lacks solar control capability and does not have an energy-
efficient coating.

This means that more heat will escape through your glass conservatory roof, making it more difficult to keep your conservatory warm
during the winter months.

It also means that on hotter days, it will allow more heat from the sun to enter your conservatory, making it more difficult to keep it cool. It
also lacks self-cleaning characteristics, necessitating additional upkeep.

Glass that saves energy

Energy efficient glass may be the ideal answer for households wanting to save money on their energy costs while also being kinder to the
environment. Its environmentally friendly design significantly lowers the amount of energy that escapes through a conservatory roof,
lowering both home energy emissions and expenses.

Solar Control Glass, Self-Cleaning

If you have a south or west facing yard that is exposed to the sun for most of the day and are concerned that your conservatory will turn
into an oven on the hottest days, self-cleaning, solar control glass may be the answer.

Solar Control Glass is self-cleaning and intended to maintain the ideal temperature, keeping you warm in the winter and preventing your
conservatory from being too hot in the summer.

Self-Cleaning, Solar Control Glass is also extremely clever, breaking down debris and cleaning itself with rainfall and sunshine, so you
can relax and enjoy the comfort of your conservatory and the view.

Self-Cleaning Clear Glass

Clear Self-Cleaning Glass may be the ideal glass for you if your conservatory roof has odd nooks and crannies that are tough to access
and clean.

Clear Self-Cleaning Glass is an excellent choice for the roof and windows of a conservatory. It has a unique coating that prevents dirt from
accumulating on your roof and windows, keeping them looking fresher and clearer for longer.

The disadvantage of this glass is that, unlike the self-cleaning, solar control glass mentioned above, it lacks solar control characteristics,
thus your conservatory may get too hot in the summer.

Choosing the Best Conservatory Roof Glass

Choosing the finest glass for your conservatory roof is simple since Luke Lloyd Builders only supplies the highest quality glass. All you
have to do now is choose the glass that best suits your requirements, ranging from anti-glare to self-cleaning.

For your new conservatory in Glasgow, East Renfrewshire or Lanarkshire – whichever glass you choose – you can rely on Luke Lloyd Builders, click here for more information