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Electricity is an enigma. Although few people comprehend it and even fewer are scared of it, we all utilise it and virtually forget about it
until something goes wrong. We are one of the few garden room providers that will take care of the electrical connection between your
new, beautiful garden room and your home, among many others. This post is mostly for those who are joining us on our trip, but if you
are considering having a garden room built by someone else, you will find some valuable information here as well.

What is the major difficulty?

There are numerous crucial elements to consider after you’ve decided to create a garden room or garden office. When was the last time
you had your house’s electrical system checked? Say you’re ready to connect a whole new exciting room to it. On the usually smooth
route to a nicely finished garden room, we encounter a number of frequent stumbling blocks. This article offers tips on how to prevent
finding electrical issues at a key stage of the construction process.

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Why is there even a challenge?

The United Kingdom has a disproportionately large quantity of well-built brick structures, with a strong expectation that they will endure for
a lifetime. While this is excellent for keeping the appearance and feel of British streets, it does have certain drawbacks. Unfortunately, it is
common to discover that residential utilities do not match modern requirements or are located in an inconvenient location for connecting
to new electrical circuits. In reality, in 2015, the laws and regulations regulating home electrical installations were drastically changed, and
in 2018, they were modified once again. Even in many modern homes, the electrical consumer unit is often located in the centre or at the
front of the house, making it difficult to extend a cable to the outside.

Where are the stumbling blocks?

We’re fully prepared to dig trenches and place pipes, or ducting and wiring, to build routes through your garden for the utilities you’ll need
in your new garden room. The work we’ll have to perform to run electricity lawfully, securely, and neatly through your home is different for
every project, since the inside of a client’s property is considerably less regular than ordinary exterior locations. We anticipate that this will
take 6 hours and will not be too disruptive in the best-case scenario, although this is not always the case.

Case studies from previous customers

Through an early intervention by our electrical engineer, the customer saved money and time by receiving precisely what they required in
each of the following cases.

A family needed to link a big garden area to a kitchen and meet other unique requirements. A swimming pool and a sauna were already
included in the spectacular home’s amenities. Our electrician found early on that her mains connection lacked capacity. We were able to
adjust and scale down plans as a result, avoiding long construction issues and an expensive mid-project rework.

For his antique vehicles, a customer asked us to construct four air-conditioned garages and a workshop. We asked for a new connection
from the power network to feed these additional buildings in a separate phase, but still billed to the same account through the same
provider, in order to have adequate capacity for this huge project.

A family’s consumer unit was right in the midst of their lovely home. Because the customer did not want any cabling visible, we spent
three days routing all wires under walls, under flooring, and behind skirting, as well as cleaning and repainting the areas we disturbed. She
was delighted with the outcome and pleased that she had been made informed of the home disturbance well in advance.

When and how should it be addressed?

We need to assess the present condition and prepare accordingly before we can run the electrics to your new garden building or
extension. As a result, early in the process, we propose a site electrical inspection so that our highly experienced site electrician can plan
for any changes to your electrical consumer unit. The distribution board at the core of the electrical system that supplies electricity to the
subsidiary circuits throughout your house is known as an electrical consumer unit (also known as a fuse box). It may be essential to
upgrade anything that does not comply with current regulatory safety requirements, or to provide extra capacity to avoid overloading of
the new electrical connections. Also, and maybe most significantly, to discuss how you would like cabling to be run throughout your home
in the safest and most attractive manner possible.

To summarise, please keep this in mind while deciding whether or not we are the firm for you, as this is not a free choice. Our electrician
will visit and report for £150, but at the end of it, we will all know how demanding your electrical connection will be. During this visit, our
licensed electrician will:
1 ” Make sure your home’s electric system is safe and capable. We may then let you know if there are any issues or if any work needs to
be done to make your new connection safe, legal, and capable.

2 ” Talk about how you’d like any cabling to be run through your home and what that means.

The electrical connection study will ensure that your house is ready to be electrically linked to your new garden room once it is built. You’ll
also have a clear understanding of how the new cable will be routed throughout your home and into your yard, as well as how the cable
will seem once we’re done.

Our electrician may construct a new independent consumer unit, particularly for the garden room, positioned directly before your present
home fuse box if your house’s wiring is out of date and does not satisfy current legal safety regulations (consumer unit). Finally, after your
project is finished, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that our new electrical connection is safe, legal, and compliant with current laws.

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