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Creating an Additional Room from a Garage

Converting a garage to provide additional space, such as an extra bedroom, living room, or kitchen extension, is a cost-effective and less
intrusive option. As the kids grow older but still remain at home, your family may need extra confined living space, such as a “granny
apartment” or a bedsit with amenities.

Do I need to get approval from the city council?

It is debatable. If the work is solely internal and does not include the extension of the garage to the outside, it should be covered under
“permitted development rights.” However, converting your garage into a ‘granny apartment’ or a bedsit with amenities would be
considered a distinct structure, and planning approval will almost certainly be needed.

If you’re replacing your garage door with a window but keeping the rest of the garage walls the same, you won’t need planning approval.
Permitted development may not apply if your garage conversion includes installing windows on the side or rear of your garage. You may
need to think about your neighbour’s line of sight, privacy, and other factors. If you are installing windows to the side or back of your
home and there is a neighbouring property, we always suggest consulting with your planning department or contacting us for assistance.

Permitted development rights may not apply if you reside in a conservation area or a new build development, in which case you should
contact your local planning authority for further information.

You’ll need listed building permission if your structure is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Consult your local planning department for additional information on allowed development and planning approval.

How do I begin?

Once you’ve determined if you’ll need planning approval or whether your conversion qualifies for “permitted development rights,” you’ll
need to decide whether you’ll undertake the work yourself, hiring trades as needed, or hire a builder.

Although you may wish to hire an architect or an architectural technologist to design your garage conversion, most garage conversions
are simple, and our structural engineers can offer drawings and calculations.

We strongly advise that you consult a building surveyor or structural engineer to ensure that all work and modifications are correctly
estimated and structural concerns are taken into account. Structural engineers can assist you with planning permission applications as
well as navigate the maze of construction codes.

Do I need to think about building codes?

Building regs would apply to any garage conversion for the following reasons:

Fireproofing and fire protection (fire doors and escape routes)

Insulation and ventilation are two important aspects of any building.

Structural stability and ensuring that any work done hasn’t created any structural problems or jeopardised any supports, beams, or
structural walls, among other things.


Structural engineers and building surveyors can verify that building rules are followed, offer you with guidance and assistance during your
project, and submit a building notice as well as any complete plan applications on your behalf to the local council. This ensures that your
conversion is physically solid and that all necessary notifications and consents have been filed and authorised.

The building inspector from the local council will come to examine all of the work and, if satisfied, will issue a certificate of completion. If
you ever decide to sell your house or need to have it revalued as part of a re-mortgage or new mortgage application, you’ll need this.

How do I locate a contractor?

Local builders are promoted on websites like Check a Trade. We suggest getting three estimates and reading customer feedback. It’s also
a good idea to ask friends and family for suggestions.

5. How much does it cost to convert a garage?


That depends on whether you hire a builder to do the job, manage the project yourself with individual tradespeople, or do everything
yourself. Unless you are certain that you know what you are doing, we suggest that you hire an expert.

It also depends on whether you’re adding an en-suite, the size of your garage, and any other amenities or materials you employ.

In the Greater Glasgow area, the typical single garage is 300cm x 600cm in size. The standard size of a double garage is 600cm x

Is it possible to increase the value of your home by converting your garage?

In general, yes. Anything that enhances your home or adds more living space will increase its worth. However, there comes a point when
spending outweighs the gain in value, which is why projects like garage conversions must be carefully planned, managed, and monitored.
If you don’t think it will bring value, don’t add to the expense.

However, you must consider the beneficial effect a garage conversion may have on your home/family life, which is something that may or
may not have monetary worth but will significantly enhance your quality of life. A garage conversion, for example, might be used to create
a home office. Individuals are working from home more than ever before, and the number of self-employed people has risen.

Perhaps the additional living space will promote more family time (a game/cinema room) or offer much-needed relief from adolescent
children by providing them with their own living room to entertain friends or an extra bedroom for visiting relatives.

Other factors to consider while converting your garage

Insurance for your home. You must notify your insurance carrier before any work begins, and conversion insurance is required if you are
project managing or doing the job yourself.

You’ll need roof insulation if your garage doesn’t have a room above it.

Consider installing underfloor heating.

Because garage floors are often lower than the rest of the ground floor, a damp-proof membrane, insulation, or underfloor heating, as well
as a new concrete layer, may be required to bring the garage floor level up to par with the rest of the home.

You’ll also need a place to put everything that’s currently in your garage!

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