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house extension

Exposed brickwork endows character to any space in your house. Underneath the plaster walls of older houses, there is usually brick,
which may or may not be in excellent shape. You may reveal it and restore it to its previous glory as part of your home extension project.

They give any home character and rustic appeal, and they may give any space an industrial feel. Exposed bricks are particularly popular
in contemporary lofts and historical structures, but they can also be seen in a variety of living areas.

You may decorate your bedroom with brick on one wall or the whole room – it all depends on what you want to add and what style you
want to go with. Because bricks come in a variety of hues, it’s simple to select one that matches your colour scheme.

Brick gives the room an industrial feel while still being extremely stylish; it’s nearly the perfect d├ęcor for the kitchen and dining areas. A
brick backsplash is a great option since you won’t have to worry about matching tiles to the design and colour scheme; instead, you can
simply use bricks, which is both practical and attractive.

Quality bricklaying is an art in itself and even a new brick wall as part of an extension can create an eye-catching feature wall that is both
traditional and modern.

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