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Are you about to become a parent? Or do you have a developing adolescent in your household that needs their own space? If that’s the
case, Luke Lloyd Builders may be a suitable fit for your home renovation needs. Are you trying to figure out how to make your attic
conversion kid-friendly? Take a look at the information provided below. Loft conversions are becoming more popular in Scotland, and it’s
easy to see why. Hiring loft experts is an excellent method to get more room while avoiding the hassle of relocating your home.
Furthermore, rather than moving into a new home, converting your attic into a useful area is less expensive. However, like with all other
rooms in your home, you must consider your children’s safety. Here’s how to make your attic conversion suitable for children.

How to make your new rooms child-friendly


A staircase is required for every attic renovation. For purposes of accessibility, stairwells are required. They do, however, represent a
danger to children who are unsteady on their feet. You must be cautious since they are prone to the odd fall. Stair-gates should be
installed at the top and bottom of your new staircase. Keep in mind that this is a crucial factor to consider.


Choosing the d├ęcor of your room is an exciting part of getting a custom loft conversion. Also, while converting the loft for your children,
make sure it has some say in your decisions. Avoid furniture that is flimsy or easily knocked over, since this may injure your kid. Even
folding furniture should be avoided since excessive usage by youngsters may cause it to collapse.


Skylights are essential for bringing light into your new area and attic; conversions aren’t complete without them. Place these windows out
of reach of youngsters to make your loft space kid-friendly. Make sure there is no furniture below that a kid might use as a climbing
structure. Cords dangling from blinds should also be avoided since they may be dangerous to youngsters. If at all feasible, use cordless


Do you plan to utilise your loft space as a child’s bedroom or playroom? There’s a good possibility it won’t be a quiet room. As a result, it’s
worth looking into ways to soundproof your attic conversion. To soundproof your attic area, use techniques like hanging thick drapes or
putting down thick rugs. Luke Lloyd Builders (loft conversion experts in Glasgow, Lanarkshire, and Renfrewshire) can assist whether you
live in a historic home or a modern home. So, what are you still considering? Make an appointment with a professional to make your attic
conversion child-friendly.

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