The advantages of converting a loft

Many individuals have received the unexpected chance to improve their financial position since the coronavirus epidemic last year. Therehas been nothing to spend money on since many stores and other popular social places have been shuttered. If you find yourself in thisposition, you may be considering making a home remodelling investment. You may wish to […]

Convert your empty loft space

The part of the home immediately under the roof is known as the loft. It’s similar to an attic or a place that isn’t divided into rooms butrather exists as an open area. Because it is the least utilised section of the house, most private houses use the loft as a storage space. Ifyou are […]

Hip to gable loft conversions

For our Scottish clients, larger house renovation projects often include some kind of extension. At Luke Lloyd Builders, we take the timeto listen to your needs and try to grasp the bigger picture of why you’re contemplating a home renovation or expansion (or both!). Budgetand timetable goals are also taken into account. As a result, […]

How to Pick a Loft Conversion Company

A loft conversion is an expensive project, and if you’re not cautious, expenses may quickly spiral out of hand. You may wind up withsomething that doesn’t look or feel correct if you don’t plan and design properly. Furthermore, if the conversion is not done correctly byprofessionals, it will not add value to your home. It […]

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Should I choose a garden room or loft conversion?

There’s no disputing that adding more room to a house elicits a lot of enthusiasm when one considers the almost endless possibilities.However, certain problems arise as a result of this. What kind of space are you looking for, and where are you going to put it? What offersthe greatest value, and how can I learn […]

FAQ Loft Conversions in Glasgow

House renovations are extremely popular in Lanarkshire. You’d be amazed at what you can do with just a little effort. If you’re consideringa larger project, such as a house addition, your choices expand even more. Loft conversions are an excellent choice for a home addition.A loft conversion entails transforming an existing space into a livable […]

Children’s bedrooms loft conversions

Are you about to become a parent? Or do you have a developing adolescent in your household that needs their own space? If that’s thecase, Luke Lloyd Builders may be a suitable fit for your home renovation needs. Are you trying to figure out how to make your atticconversion kid-friendly? Take a look at the […]

Dormer loft conversion ideas

Bungalows are very adaptable homes. Bungalow restorations are one of our favourite projects to support and follow since they fit avariety of lifestyles and, more importantly, they are highly transformable. Bungalow dormer expansions are a very simple method toincrease the size of the home with little structural changes. Here are some ideas we at Luke […]