Glazed extensions

Every year, a growing number of people decide to add glass expansions to their homes to create a stunning modern look and feel. A glass extension is a great and modern addition to your living area, adding space and worth to your house. Warm in the winter and coolin the summer, a glass expansion is […]

wraparound extension
Wraparound extensions

A wraparound house extension totally changes the look of your house. It makes no difference what kind of house you have, since theadditional room will alter how you utilise the property, how you live, and create a really wonderful living environment. What can a wraparound be used for? You are only limited by your creativity […]

house extension
Considering extending your house?

Are you planning a home extension project this year? Whether you’re attempting to make extra room for yourself or just want to improvethe value of your house, there are a few key things to consider. So, from obtaining planning approval to maintaining excellent relations with your neighbours, here are some things to consider inadvance: Do […]

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Enlarging a semi with a side extension

Adding a side addition to a semi-detached home is one of the most frequent inquiries we get. It seems to be a simple job, but unlike a rearkitchen addition, a side extension typically provides so many layout and style choices that it may be difficult for homeowners to decide ona final plan. As it is […]

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Extending a smaller house

Nothing is more frustrating than feeling cooped up in your own home. A room, on the other hand, does not have to be large to seemexpansive. Keep a room organised, well-lit, and exposed to the outside to make it seem larger. A well-designed and well-thought-outaddition may dramatically enhance even a modest house. Here are some […]

house extension
Planning a home extension? Act now!

As the economy opens up and projects that had been on hold are greenlit to proceed following the COVID pandemic, then available slotsfor building projects become ever more scarce, so if you want to get that extension built before the end of the year, then the time to act isnow! Construction firms and qualified tradespeople […]

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Different ways to add space to a house

Different types of home extension and conversion projects will involve different costs, timeframes and liberate varying amounts of space,so it is important to consider your budget, the footprint of your property’s plot and how much space you need and the the purpose youneed it for. Is your family becoming bigger? Are you now able to […]

Guide to rear extensions

If you’re thinking of expanding your house, a rear house extension is a popular and cost-effective choice, particularly for kitchen & diningspace, which are usually found at the rear of a home. It is often seen as the home’s centre and heart – a pleasant gathering area foreveryone. If you don’t plan ahead of time […]

Feature walls in your house extension project

When you texture your house’s walls, you achieve two goals. To begin, you must first turn uninteresting surfaces into pitted, peaked, orotherwise aesthetically attractive objects of interest. Second, you can conceal any imperfections on the wall, saving you the trouble ofhaving to make a dozen minor repairs. What’s more fascinating from a design standpoint is […]

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Choose the beauty of brick for your extension

Exposed brickwork endows character to any space in your house. Underneath the plaster walls of older houses, there is usually brick,which may or may not be in excellent shape. You may reveal it and restore it to its previous glory as part of your home extension project. They give any home character and rustic appeal, […]