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What is the difference between a construction permit and a building permit?

When we spoke with our clients, we discovered that many individuals conflate planning approval with building control, believing that theyare the same thing. I’ll explain what each of them is and when they’re needed in this short essay. The terms “planning approval” and “building control” are not interchangeable. The distinctions are sometimes muddled in people’sperceptions, […]

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Would you be able to construct your own rooftop terrace?

There’s one thing everyone wants after the events of 2020: gardens! The more green area there is, the better. And there’s a compellingthe rationale for it. According to our Happy Homes study, having a green area to connect with may have a significant influence on your happiness. Anothera significant finding of our study is that […]

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There are ten things you should know about glass roofs.

A glass roof is one of the few features that may genuinely make your home stand out. They’re not only beautiful to look at, but they can also change your house by bringing in more natural light, improving ventilation, and providing a slew of other happiness-inducing features! So, do you think a glass roof would […]


Let us be honest with you: house renovations are a mammoth undertaking if you were unaware! Therefore, if anything can be done to minimise workload and thus alleviate some of the stress connected with it, it has to be worth it! Domestic skip hiring is one way to accomplish this. Hiring a skip simplifies the […]