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The side return extension is one of the most popular home constructions. Terraced homes are ideally-suited to the additon of a side
return extension, but they must be carefully considered in order to produce a quality end result. A well-designed, well-built side return
addition can breathe new life into an older house, bringing it bang up to date for modern living.

Adding a side return to your house may have a significant impact on the value of your home. It will not only provide more room, but it will
also assist to bring in more light and increase the value of your house. A completely glazed roof, typically supported by steel, wood, or
glass supports, or even skylights inside the roof might be one of the numerous architectural elements of a side return addition. A side
return addition might be useful in changing a traditionally gloomy space, with significantly more natural light coming through a roof light
than from an equal sized window in a vertical wall.

Extensions to the kitchen and side returns are large undertakings that should not be handled carelessly. Because an extension takes a lot
of time and money, homeowners must be very convinced that they want to do it. A side return extension may provide a number of
advantages, and since they often add just a small amount of extra volume to your home, they do not usually need full planning

If you wake up every morning wondering what to do with the gloomy empty space on the side of your house, we may have the solution to
create more living space.

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