Choose Luke Lloyd Builders for Loft Conversions in Glasgow

Luke Lloyd Builders provides quality services at a set price and strives to maintain its position as a customer-oriented building business. We always aim to deliver on our promises, adhering to tight timelines and design plans that you have authorised. Our experts are verycommitted, and we make certain that a competent project manager is in […]

Turn an unused loft into living space.

Imagine making a living area out of the huge gap under your house’s eaves. A loft addition may transform those unused square metres into a variety of functional rooms, such as a teenager’s room, a luxury masterbedroom suite for you, or a peaceful study area. In any case, studies indicate that adding a loft to […]

Styling Your Loft Conversion

Converting your loft into a living space may increase the value of your house. You may turn your loft into a cosy bedroom, a library, anoffice, or a welcome guest bedroom in a variety of ways. If you select a loft conversion expert in Scotland, you can fit all of your ideaswithin a budget. The […]

Loft Conversion Services: Everything You Need to Know

As your family expands and space becomes an issue, you may consider selling your current home and purchasing a bigger one. Anotheroption is to add on to your house by extending it to the side or rear, as long as you stay within the legal limitations. Alternatively, you maymake more room. Without detracting from the […]

Is Planning Permission Required for a Loft Conversion?

A loft conversion in Glasgow has the ability to increase the amount of space available in a house. They’re one of the most effective andcost-effective ways to extend your reach. In most cases, loft conversions in homes result in the addition of bedrooms and bathrooms to ahome. In a flat, the layout is typically different, […]

Attic conversion-points to consider

When most houses are constructed, the attic is typically left unfinished. The issue is that this may result in a lot of wasted space and ahomeowner not receiving the greatest deal. Turning an empty attic into living space is one method to reclaim the space and maximise its worth. Whether you want to add anotherbedroom, […]

Scottish loft conversion types

Scottish home renovations come in various forms and sizes. Your choices will be influenced by a number of variables, including yourbudget, current property layout, and local government limitations. Loft conversions are a fantastic way to make use of unwanted space inyour home and add useful bedrooms or living space. Lofts were initially constructed to provide […]

Extension versus loft conversion

Conventional house extensions are quite common in Scotland. Homeowners need more room, and let’s face it, relocating is bothunpleasant and costly. Extending may also be a more cost-effective option in the long term, since the investment may be recouped byraising the property’s value. Traditional style homes in Glasgow and the west of Scotland lend themselves […]

Convert a loft to increase your space

In locations such as Glasgow, there is a strong need for space management at both home and work due to the pressures of work andfamily life. With efficiency, so that there isn’t a lack of room for comfortable living. Considering the present state of financial management,consider relocating from your current residence or job. It does […]