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Home cinema extension

One of the things many of us have missed during the recent coronavirus pandemic is the big screen experience offered by a trip to thecinema. Watching films on TV, normally in your living room, just isn’t the same. That said, no-one misses the queues, the over-pricedsnacks and the hassle of driving there, trying to find […]

A house extension or a conservatory?

Are you debating whether to build a conservatory or an extension? Don’t be alarmed! We’ve put up a short guide to help you decide whichis best for you, including the advantages and disadvantages of an extension versus a conservatory. It’s critical to first comprehend the distinction between the two. Conservatories are mostly glass buildings that […]

Boundary issues with house extensions

Two major issues come to mind while evaluating the size of an expansion. The laws governing permitted development and planning areone example. The other factor is the proximity of the expansion to the boundary. Different laws and processes will be helpful for yourhome expansion ideas, depending on your property and location. When your extension is […]

Semi-detached house extension

With a semi-detached home, the possibilities for expansion are almost limitless. With just one neighbouring wall, you may expandsideways, upward, to the front, to the back, or even around corners. And the decisions you make about an addition may add a significantamount of square footage to your home, create new social areas, build numerous new […]

Short of space? A house extension is the answer

Extending your home is a fantastic way to increase the size and value of your home. You save money on stamp duty as well! We’verecently gotten a slew of inquiries regarding different kinds of extensions. Here are some points to consider: Before you start drawing your designs, there are a few things you should think […]

Build a side return extension

The side return extension is one of the most popular home constructions. Terraced homes are ideally-suited to the additon of a sidereturn extension, but they must be carefully considered in order to produce a quality end result. A well-designed, well-built side returnaddition can breathe new life into an older house, bringing it bang up to […]

Choose French Doors for your extension

When space is limited, French Doors are often selected for their elegant look and the fact that they let more light into the house thanconventional doors. These are available in a variety of colours and finishes to match your preferred style. Always consider the area you are creating and how you want to utilise it […]

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Should I extend my home?

As home renovation experts, we are often asked a variety of questions by Glasgow residents who want to expand or remodel theirhomes. After being stuck at home during the pandemic, it’s a good moment to ask: is this a good time to expand my home? One thing iscertain: there is no one-size-fits-all solution to this […]

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Flooring choices for your home extension

When designing your ideal home extension, the flooring plays a big part in defining the look & feel of your finished project. In the UK,carpets have held sway for many years, but our European neighbours have always preferred the clean lines and hygienic solutionsoffered by hard floors, either tiled or wooden, and increasingly, we find […]

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Project Management Is Crucial

New customers who have been left in the lurch on their home extension project by cowboy builders often approach us. Such operatorseither don’t answer the phone or they’ve vanished with the crew, tools, and money (usually onto another, more lucrative job)! Luke LloydBuilders offers flexible payment arrangements inluding staged payments to control the flow of […]