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In Your Garden, There Are Seven Ways To Stay Cool

It may be difficult to stay cool in the changeable British weather. How can we assure that we are constantly prepared to deal with this heatat any moment as we move from chilly to a heat wave, to rain, and back to a heat wave? Here are seven garden-friendly ways to stay cool… It doesn’t […]

What Can You Do With a Garden Room?

In the summer, the doors to the garden studio are open. We hope that this post will serve as an inspiration for repurposing existing garden rooms. However, we hope that this thorough list ofsuggestions will persuade your other half to get one as well. Because, at the end of the day, we’d all like to […]

How to keep your garden room free of condensation

We are frequently asked how to handle moisture in the garden room. Water vapour is undetectable until it condenses, which happensoften on window surfaces in the home. What exactly is condensation, where does it originate from, and how can you avoid it? Let’s have alook. So, what exactly is condensation? When we shower, we’ve all […]