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Unusual garden room uses

We all know that having a garden room makes a great home office or summer house, a home gym, or an art studio, but what else dopeople do with them? Here are a few examples of garden room applications we’ve seen throughout the years… Bar in the Garden A garden bar is a wonderful way […]

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A proper garden home office

An insulated home garden office that can be used all year will be a game-changer for you. A separate, completely insulated, dedicated work area that will improve your productivity and effectiveness. Having the appropriateatmosphere is critical, whether you operate your own company or have the option to work more from home. Let’s face it, the […]

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Make your garden room feel warm & inviting

You may be thinking that your garden room is now off limits due to the change in weather. Reconsider your position! All contemporarygarden rooms are completely insulated, with double-glazed windows, draft-proof materials, and heaters, so all you have to do now isupdate your d├ęcor to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere in your garden room […]

garden room glasgow
Will my garden office be comfortable in the winter with insulated garden rooms?

Insulated Garden Rooms may transform the way you utilise and enjoy your outside area throughout the year, not just in the summer.OurGarden Offices, Gyms, Playrooms, and Summerhouses are all completely insulated and include underfloor heating as standard, but howdo we ensure that the heat stays in your space regardless of the outside temperature? Yard chambers […]

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Putting Together a Yoga Room

Are you thinking of setting up a home yoga studio? Yoga has the advantage of being able to be practised anywhere. If you ask any yogi, they will most certainly tell you about how enteringtheir favourite yoga studio changes their attitude and feeling of being in the world. A beautiful studio may play a key […]

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What are the functions of garden rooms?

This is a great question with a lot of possible solutions. Garden rooms are usually self-contained buildings that are not connected to the main structure or house. This gives you a lot moreflexibility and possibilities in terms of how you utilise your garden room on a daily basis. They provide seclusion that you won’t obtain […]

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5 advantages of a garden office vs renting

As office leasing costs rise and more firms contact their target audiences via the Internet, business owners are beginning to save moneyby running the show from home. We believe that a garden office pod is the modern solution to the problem of having a professionalenvironment that is both productive and cost-effective. Here are the top […]

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What is the best way to link your garden structure to the internet?

It’s fantastic to have a garden building as an office, playground, gym, or summer cottage, but it’s nearly worthless in today’s world if youcan’t have a stable and consistent internet connection. Because garden rooms are typically located a distance away from the main home, the Wi-Fi coverage provided by the present houserouter is insufficient. Signal […]

garden room glasgow
Garden Rooms: A Complete Guide to Designing Your Own

A garden room is a great way to increase the amount of usable space in your home.Whether you require a home office, a gathering spacefor your children, or a space to pursue your crafts or musical hobbies, a garden room is ideal. However, how much do garden rooms cost,do they require planning approval, and are […]