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Multifunctional garden room

Is a multifunctional garden room something you’d want to have? It ought to be! Can you picture having that additional room available throughout the summer and beyond? Guest room garden room To begin with, being able to provide your visiting family and friends with their own private lodging at the foot of the garden may […]

Garden Flat Garden Room Frequently Asked Questions

Are you thinking of getting a relative a garden house? A garden room granny annexe may be the perfect option for you. We thought youmay find it helpful if we put up a collection of FAQ related to garden structures since we’ve seen an increase in inquiries from individualssearching for one. Is it necessary for […]

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Thinking about building a garden room?

Are you thinking of adding a garden room to your home? Before you pick up the phone and call the experts about your ideal luxury gardenroom, there are a few things you should ask yourself. First and foremost, you must choose what you want to do with your new area. There are many applications available […]

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Man cave ideas

Back in the day, men used to have a garden shed that they could escape to and call their own. Nowadays, it’s all about the cave-a malecave where no woman is permitted to enter and where a guy may get whatever he wants out of life. At the very least, everything he coulddesire when he […]

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A garden room as a separate house

Many of our customers come to us with a particular need in mind, which is usually more room. Families that want to expand their livingspace as their family grows. Clients often have constraints, such as a small site, poor access, or a limited budget, which is where building a garden room as a gardenhouse could […]

Garden rooms for small gardens

“Can I have a garden room even if my garden is small?” is a frequent question we receive when a customer comes to us to explorebuilding a garden room. We see why this might be a worry, but there are methods to get around this space constraint just by reconsideringa few things. What size do […]

Home cinema garden rooms

Everyone enjoys going to the movies. What if you could bring the ambiance, the popcorn scent, the fizzy drinks, surround sound, bigcomfy seats, and, of course, the giant screen to fully enjoy the film in your own home? You can with a garden room home cinema inGlasgow from Luke Lloyd Builders, and here’s how. A […]

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An Office in the Garden

Remote working has had a highly robust and substantial development phase within the corporate sectors over the last decade, as iswidely documented. Remote digital working is now simpler and more accessible than it has ever been, thanks to the growing availability ofreliable, super-fast fibre optic internet. Businesses are searching for the finest options to ensure […]

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Create a room to rent with a garden room

Who wouldn’t like an additional room in their yard where they can relax? An additional space in your yard, ideal for entertaining family and friends… What a brilliant concept! An additional room in your yard that you can rent out to paying visitors, now that’s a great plus… As lovely as your garden room will […]

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Working from home is a novel experience for many people.

We are all being pushed into uncomfortable and quickly changing lifestyles. The coronavirus epidemic has affected everyone and hasthrown us into new difficulties and experiences. Many of these encounters are taxing or plain unpleasant. Luke Lloyd Builders, as a close-knit and loving company, is doing all we can tostop the virus from spreading. So, like […]