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Garage Conversion Ideas

We’ve never understood why garage spaces are often overlooked sections of homes when they might be the ideal gym, studio, or evenliving space. If you’re searching for inspiration, we’ve put up a list of 10 real-life garage conversions. Not only that, but we’ll teach you how to makethem yourself if you’re remodelling a home. The […]

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Conversion ideas for your Glasgow garage

There are many factors to address when planning your garage conversion, including how you will bring in light, how it will fit with yourcurrent home, and what you will use the additional space for. Here are some helpful garage conversion design tips. Garages are often underutilised areas that are ready for conversion into useful living […]

Convert a garage to a home workshop

Luke Lloyd has some tips for organizing your home workshop after being converted from a standard garage. For bikes, classic cars ormotorbikes we can help build your ideal home mechanic’s workshop. Make a plan for your garage’s layout. Most garage-organizing system makers include free space planning, so take use of it as you figure out […]

Planning permission & building warrants for a garage conversion

Is it necessary to get planning approval for a garage conversion? Most garage conversions in Scotland do not need planning approval since they do not involve the construction of a new building.However, before beginning any construction work, you should always consult with your local government’s planning department. Pleasenote that planning approval is not the same […]

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How to Make a Man Cave Out of a Garage

Who doesn’t want their own personal space? What better location to turn into a man (or woman) cave than your garage? Convert your garage into a hideaway or a location where you can get some peace and quiet. A room that will allow you to relax andunwind. Here’s a brief guide to the stages of […]

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Turning your garage into an office

Many individuals have resorted to working from home as a result of the epidemic. This may be an issue, particularly if you don’t haveaccess to a quiet, dedicated workspace. So, have you considered turning your garage into an office? Families with little living space perceive the garage to be an additional room, which is often […]

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Garage Makeover Guide

Do you live in Glasgow and want to expand your living space without expanding your footprint? If you have a garage, this is an excellentoption to increase living space in your house. Moving houses can be costly and time-consuming, so instead of incurring these expenses, many Scottish customers are looking at theircurrent homes and devising […]

Convert a garage into a granny flat

You could consider turning your garage into a granny annexe if you have an older relative who would benefit from living closer to you. Converting your garage into an annexe has a number of advantages, including: Your home’s worth will rise as a result of your efforts. You may keep a check on the health […]