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Bathroom vanity units & cabinets

Unless you’re purchasing or renovating a house, bathroom vanity units aren’t given much thought. They’re simply another essentialsurface, something that’s taken for granted as part of daily life. It is, nevertheless, a place that needs greater attention and respect. Afterall, it is the one location where you begin and finish each day, apart from your […]

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Renovation Ideas for the Bathroom

Bathroom renovations are an excellent method to increase the value of your house without spending as much as a kitchen makeover. Areyou on the lookout for bathroom remodelling ideas? Here, Luke Lloyd Builders offers some tips for you if you are considering a bathroomrenovation. If you have the space, adding a second bathroom to a […]

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Modern bathroom must-haves

Most homeowners reach a point in their lives when they are weary of staring at the same bathroom and feel they need to take advantageof the chance to alter the aesthetic. While you may think that you can manage this kind of change on your own, using the services of LukeLloyd Builders, is the best […]

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Why use a qualified plumber for your bathroom installation?

Whenever you intend to do construction work, you will have to decide whether to do it yourself or hire experts. Plumbers, like builders andelectricians, are one of the professionals that people often ignore. If you’re planning to build a kitchen or bathroom, for example, youshouldn’t ignore the necessity of a plumber. Even though hiring a […]

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Preventing bathroom water damage

The bathroom’s regular usage of water makes it particularly susceptible to moisture buildup and possible water damage. You can preventwater damage by checking it on a regular basis. The following checks are simple to carry out and should be carried out once every three months to maintain your bathroom in excellentworking condition and to avoid […]

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Bathroom style tips

Sure, it’s simple to set up a picture shoot in a clean, clutter-free bathroom. However, toothbrushes, towels, and other items eventually takeup restrooms. This does not need to be the case. Here are a few designer tips to create beauty and usefulness ” even off camera ” inyour bathroom, whether it’s for houseguests, home selling, […]

Costs Of Bathroom Installation

We’ll discuss the expenses of building bathrooms in this blog, how to choose an installation, and what you should anticipate for the money you’re willing to pay. The most common piece of criticism I receive from our customers about the labour needed in remodelling a bathroom is “there’s more to it than I anticipated.” From […]

Process Of Bathroom Design And Installation

In this article, we’ll examine the customer’s path necessary to assure a successful installation and what happens when it doesn’t. Before we begin, let us take a quick look at some of the large firms that have lately failed in this field or discontinued providing installation services entirely: Improved restrooms – transferred to the administration. […]

Showers in Bathrooms Explanation of Your Alternatives

If you’re considering replacing your shower, you’ve probably visited a few bathroom stores and been overwhelmed by the variety of options. Even selecting a shower valve may be perplexing, so here’s a guide to help you understand what’s what when it comes to showers. Shower Valves with Manual Operation This is the most fundamental form […]