Turn an unused loft into living space.

Imagine making a living area out of the huge gap under your house’s eaves. A loft addition may transform those unused square metres into a variety of functional rooms, such as a teenager’s room, a luxury masterbedroom suite for you, or a peaceful study area. In any case, studies indicate that adding a loft to […]

Boundary issues with house extensions

Two major issues come to mind while evaluating the size of an expansion. The laws governing permitted development and planning areone example. The other factor is the proximity of the expansion to the boundary. Different laws and processes will be helpful for yourhome expansion ideas, depending on your property and location. When your extension is […]

Converting Your Garage Into A Bar

The garage is often the least used room in the home. After a time, it is not even used to park vehicles in many houses. It eventually turns into a shop for broken toys and items that you shouldhave probably sold. When you think about it, this empty space might be utilised for a variety […]

How to make the most of a year-round conservatory

A conservatory is a pleasant addition to many houses throughout the UK, perfect for enjoying your garden while sipping a cool drink on ahot summer’s day and ideal for entertaining during a long summer’s evening. However, when the leaves change to orange and brown and the temperatures drop, the same conservatories are likely to be […]

Bathroom renovation: Points to consider

Renovating your bathroom may be a lot of fun. It is often neglected when it comes to house renovations, and since it is not a space whereyou spend as much time as a kitchen or living room, it may be the last on your list. So, when you eventually get around to making thisplace one […]

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Thinking about building a garden room?

Are you thinking of adding a garden room to your home? Before you pick up the phone and call the experts about your ideal luxury gardenroom, there are a few things you should ask yourself. First and foremost, you must choose what you want to do with your new area. There are many applications available […]