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A garden room as a separate house

Many of our customers come to us with a particular need in mind, which is usually more room. Families that want to expand their livingspace as their family grows. Clients often have constraints, such as a small site, poor access, or a limited budget, which is where building a garden room as a gardenhouse could […]

Short of space? A house extension is the answer

Extending your home is a fantastic way to increase the size and value of your home. You save money on stamp duty as well! We’verecently gotten a slew of inquiries regarding different kinds of extensions. Here are some points to consider: Before you start drawing your designs, there are a few things you should think […]

Loft Conversion Services: Everything You Need to Know

As your family expands and space becomes an issue, you may consider selling your current home and purchasing a bigger one. Anotheroption is to add on to your house by extending it to the side or rear, as long as you stay within the legal limitations. Alternatively, you maymake more room. Without detracting from the […]

Bathroom underfloor heating

The concept of underfloor heating is not new. It was extensively utilised by the Romans for heating homes with hot air,and is considereda forerunner of contemporary central heating as well as the inspiration for modern underfloor heating systems. You may now experience the advantages of underfloor heating as part of your brand new bathroom (or […]

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What is the lifespan of a conservatory?

Many homeowners wonder, “How long does a conservatory last?” when they can’t decide between a brick addition and a conventionalconservatory. to assist them in making a final choice. A typical conservatory used to have a ten-year life expectancy, but today purchasers can expect an uPVC conservatory to lastapproximately twenty plus years with skilled fitters, contemporary […]

Ideas for Garage Conversion

A garage conversion is a great method to instantly increase the value and attractiveness of your house. With so many garage conversionideas, you’ll see that a garage has so much more potential than you ever imagined. Your chilly, neglected, or empty room can betransformed into a warm, inviting, quiet, and inspiring environment with a little […]