Build a side return extension

The side return extension is one of the most popular home constructions. Terraced homes are ideally-suited to the additon of a sidereturn extension, but they must be carefully considered in order to produce a quality end result. A well-designed, well-built side returnaddition can breathe new life into an older house, bringing it bang up to […]

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Make a home gym out of your garage.

When you clean up the mess and put everything else away in storage boxes and shelves, you may find you have a lot more room thanyou thought. So, if you’re not intending on using it to store your vehicle (and, let’s face it, who is? ), your garage might be converted into a gym area! […]

What is the definition of a conservatory?

As technology has progressed, the conservatory has evolved as well. Conservatories have developed from luxury greenhouses to common home additions, formerly reserved for the aristocracy. Conservatories have grown so energy-efficient and pleasant that they are now often utilised on a daily basis throughout the year. Ratherthan being a one-time space, our conservatory has become an […]

Choose French Doors for your extension

When space is limited, French Doors are often selected for their elegant look and the fact that they let more light into the house thanconventional doors. These are available in a variety of colours and finishes to match your preferred style. Always consider the area you are creating and how you want to utilise it […]

Home cinema garden rooms

Everyone enjoys going to the movies. What if you could bring the ambiance, the popcorn scent, the fizzy drinks, surround sound, bigcomfy seats, and, of course, the giant screen to fully enjoy the film in your own home? You can with a garden room home cinema inGlasgow from Luke Lloyd Builders, and here’s how. A […]

Attic conversion-points to consider

When most houses are constructed, the attic is typically left unfinished. The issue is that this may result in a lot of wasted space and ahomeowner not receiving the greatest deal. Turning an empty attic into living space is one method to reclaim the space and maximise its worth. Whether you want to add anotherbedroom, […]