Completed bathroom Parkhead
Key factors when renovation a bathroom

There are a few rooms in the house that are more difficult to renovate than others for many homeowners. Apart from the kitchen, yourbathroom is likely to need the most thinking and preparation before you can begin redecorating. When it comes to bathrooms, many people want a place that is both useful and practical, as […]

Victorian Conservatory
Conservatory Roof Glass Options

When adding a conservatory to your house or considering the many choices for new conservatory roofs to give your current conservatoryan update, knowing how to select the finest glass for a conservatory roof is critical. You can guarantee you’re receiving the finest materials possible for your budget, design, and requirements by learning which glass isideal […]

Inside garage conversion
Why should you convert your garage?

Converting a garage is a good idea for a variety of reasons. From requiring more room to accommodate your expanding family todesigning your ideal kitchen or having a private place to call your own, we’ve got you covered. Every homeowner has his or her ownmotives for evicting the garden equipment and trash that collects in […]

Wet Walls Glasgow, Scotland
Add a cloakroom

Do you want the convenience of an extra bathroom but have limited space in your home? Luke Llod Builders can transform a small spaceinto a cloakroom, giving your home most of the advantages of an additional bathroom (extra toilet, wash hand basin and possibly ashower) but within a smaller footprint. Finding space solutions is crucial […]

house extension
Should I extend my home?

As home renovation experts, we are often asked a variety of questions by Glasgow residents who want to expand or remodel theirhomes. After being stuck at home during the pandemic, it’s a good moment to ask: is this a good time to expand my home? One thing iscertain: there is no one-size-fits-all solution to this […]

darken image of garden room
An Office in the Garden

Remote working has had a highly robust and substantial development phase within the corporate sectors over the last decade, as iswidely documented. Remote digital working is now simpler and more accessible than it has ever been, thanks to the growing availability ofreliable, super-fast fibre optic internet. Businesses are searching for the finest options to ensure […]