inside of a completed garage conversion newton mearns
Convert your garage into a bedroom.

Are you searching for a skilled contractor to custom-build a garage conversion for your home? A well-planned garage conversion may add to the value of your house and is one of the most cost-effective methods to increase theresale value of your home. Increased living space without the expenses and hassles of relocating (or a full-blown […]

Completed sunroom Parkhead
Is Your House Suitable for a Conservatory?

Who doesn’t want to add a conservatory to their home? Is your house, however, up to the challenge? As long as you have at least a little space, you can definitely construct an addition, but there are a few things you should ask yourselfbefore making your purchase. This article will assist you in determining whether […]

Extension versus loft conversion

Conventional house extensions are quite common in Scotland. Homeowners need more room, and let’s face it, relocating is bothunpleasant and costly. Extending may also be a more cost-effective option in the long term, since the investment may be recouped byraising the property’s value. Traditional style homes in Glasgow and the west of Scotland lend themselves […]

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Working from home is a novel experience for many people.

We are all being pushed into uncomfortable and quickly changing lifestyles. The coronavirus epidemic has affected everyone and hasthrown us into new difficulties and experiences. Many of these encounters are taxing or plain unpleasant. Luke Lloyd Builders, as a close-knit and loving company, is doing all we can tostop the virus from spreading. So, like […]

remodelled kitchen
Your kitchen as a social space

Whether you want to invite a few friends over for supper on the spur of the moment or have a full-fledged Christmas party, your kitchenshould be ready to accommodate you. People like to congregate in kitchens, so why not capitalize on this trend and incorporate it into your entertainment? Here are a fewpointers to help […]

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Bathroom or kitchen renovation?

Which is the best investment for you and your home? Before deciding between a kitchen and bath remodel, there are four things to think about. The kitchen is one of (if not the most) popular areas for house renovations, and the bathroom isn’t far behind. If a homeowner is planninga big home makeover this year, […]

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Project Management Is Crucial

New customers who have been left in the lurch on their home extension project by cowboy builders often approach us. Such operatorseither don’t answer the phone or they’ve vanished with the crew, tools, and money (usually onto another, more lucrative job)! Luke LloydBuilders offers flexible payment arrangements inluding staged payments to control the flow of […]