loft conversion scotland
Tips for converting a loft into living space

Make a detailed strategy/budget for unforeseen expenditures. When it comes to the installation of electrical and plumbing systems, it may be difficult due to unforeseen expenses when the existingstructure is opened up. That is why, before estimating a potential loft conversion price, loft conversion businesses prefer to hire a trained electrician who has athorough understanding […]

Victorian Conservatory
Ideas for Conservatory Flooring

The kind of flooring you choose when constructing a new conservatory, or even remodelling an existing conservatory, is critical. Conservatory flooring, like any other kind of flooring, may be costly to purchase (depending on the type) and install (depending on whetheryou choose to hire someone to do it for you). As a result, it’s critical […]

Side shot of New Bathroom
Bathroom Renovations Guide

Is it time to renovate your bathroom? Check out this article to learn what you need to do to make your bathroom sparkle this autumn. Every homeowner aspires to create a little sanctuary in their home’s bathrooms. Any home’s ideal bathroom is bright, clean, and crisp,evoking an expensive and soothing day spa. That’s why it’s […]

inside of a completed garage conversion
Garage Conversion Ideas That Will Inspire You

A garage conversion is an excellent method to increase living space without having to construct an addition. Because you aren’t reallyexpanding, it’s usually a less expensive method to increase living space while causing the least amount of disturbance to your house. If you’re considering a garage conversion in the near future and need some assistance […]

house extension
Planning a house extension

Do you want to expand or renovate your existing home? Or perhaps you’re a landlord with a rental property that has to be renovated or converted? In these locations, Luke Lloyd Builders canprovide skilled and dependable construction services. We can either do the project for you or collaborate with you; in any case, we wouldbe […]

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What are the functions of garden rooms?

This is a great question with a lot of possible solutions. Garden rooms are usually self-contained buildings that are not connected to the main structure or house. This gives you a lot moreflexibility and possibilities in terms of how you utilise your garden room on a daily basis. They provide seclusion that you won’t obtain […]

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5 advantages of a garden office vs renting

As office leasing costs rise and more firms contact their target audiences via the Internet, business owners are beginning to save moneyby running the show from home. We believe that a garden office pod is the modern solution to the problem of having a professionalenvironment that is both productive and cost-effective. Here are the top […]

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Lighting your new kitchen

Lighting for both work and play! Give your kitchen a makeover. It doesn’t matter how big or tiny your kitchen is; effective task lighting is important for food preparation andcooking. To allow the kitchen to operate as a productive working area, task lighting should be positioned above the work surfaces. At the flip of aswitch, […]

Bathroom fitters job
Key factors when renovating a bathroom

There are a few rooms in the house that are more difficult to renovate than others for many homeowners. Apart from the kitchen, yourbathroom is likely to need the most thinking and preparation before you can begin redecorating. When it comes to bathrooms, many people want a place that is both useful and practical, as […]