New Bathroom Newton Mearns
Bathroom vanity units & cabinets

Unless you’re purchasing or renovating a house, bathroom vanity units aren’t given much thought. They’re simply another essentialsurface, something that’s taken for granted as part of daily life. It is, nevertheless, a place that needs greater attention and respect. Afterall, it is the one location where you begin and finish each day, apart from your […]

brand new kitchen
What would your dream kitchen look like?

At Luke Lloyd Builders, we think that every kitchen should be as individual as you are. It was created with you in mind, so it will meet all ofyour requirements and fit into your lifestyle. So, how does your kitchen reflect your personality? Look through our culinary menu to seewhich one best describes you! Cooking […]

Bathroom in Loft Glasgow, Scotland
Renovation Ideas for the Bathroom

Bathroom renovations are an excellent method to increase the value of your house without spending as much as a kitchen makeover. Areyou on the lookout for bathroom remodelling ideas? Here, Luke Lloyd Builders offers some tips for you if you are considering a bathroomrenovation. If you have the space, adding a second bathroom to a […]