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New Bathroom Newton Mearns

Unless you’re purchasing or renovating a house, bathroom vanity units aren’t given much thought. They’re simply another essential
surface, something that’s taken for granted as part of daily life. It is, nevertheless, a place that needs greater attention and respect. After
all, it is the one location where you begin and finish each day, apart from your bed.

Consider your desires, requirements, and the styles accessible for a genuinely peaceful restroom atmosphere while planning the ideal
platform to start and finish each day.

The Importance of a vanity unit

When it comes to investing in your current home, buyers appreciate an improved kitchen and bathroom, which makes both an obvious
choice”not only do you get to enjoy a better way of life, but you’re also likely to profit in the shape of a shorter list time or a higher sales
price when it

While market value is essential, the quality of life is much more so, so choose an improvement that you’ll like. A bathroom vanity is ideal
since it enhances the look of your house while also providing space-saving alternatives to help you manage your daily routine.

Needs and Desires

Your current space and its capabilities come first, followed by your own requirements. It’s time to be honest with yourself about what you
have in your bathroom and how helpful it is. Do you have a product addiction? Do you have a habit of leaving things on the counter?
You’re unlikely to alter some habits, so hope for the best and prepare for the worst by selecting a vanity that will suit your existing

Sure, we’d all want to think that we’ll get rid of our nail polish collection or start putting each product back in its proper cabinet, but it may
be more realistic to embrace who you are and make room for your preferences.

The budget is the next consideration. Are you planning to renovate the whole space? Is it only a matter of switching out the sink space?
Calculate the total amount you must spend and split it into groups depending on significance. The vanity is the room’s main point and
catch-all, and it should be planned for as such.

Now comes the fun part: deciding on which style for your bathroom. It’s time to consider design now that you’ve covered the
fundamentals. Here are five different choices for useful focal points.


Floating vanity units with concealed hardware, flat fronts, and vessel sinks are ideal for a modern room if you value clean lines and a
contemporary appearance. Maintaining the desired appearance requires keeping counters clean, so be creative with inside cabinet
organisers to make it easier.

The depth of the mirror frame shown above provides visual intrigue and serves as a shelf or ledge, while a flower or potted plant gives
warmth to a deliberately chilly space. Recessed lighting is a great way to keep a room bright without interfering with the decor.


Do you consider yourself a real minimalist? A basic slab countertop with a vessel sink is a stunning, budget-friendly combo if you can live
without clutter. The main issue with this design is storage. For under-sink storage, use floating wall shelves with a stack of rolled towels or
a wooden box or bamboo basket. Elegant pendant lighting is an out-of-the-way accent that also has a function.


The built-in storage between the two sinks enhances the utility of this traditional-looking vanity, which is enhanced with a deep tone of
wood accentuated with silver hardware and a granite countertop.

Adding a framed print or art piece to the décor is a wonderful way to add interest. For both convenience and accessorising, place
beautiful perfume or product bottles on display. Light fixtures placed on mirrors with beautiful glass shades provide a splash of colour.


Cabinetry in white and off-white is always a traditional option, and it may help make your vanity a neutral focus to decorate around. Make
the most of your space by adding an additional row of cabinets along the ceiling to keep items that aren’t utilised on a regular basis. A
simple white accessory set for bathroom essentials such as soap and toothbrushes is convenient and contributes to the space’s clean
appearance. Traditional lamp shades on wall sconces, or even a chandelier, offer an upmarket touch that doesn’t overwhelm the design’s


Consider repurposing an old dresser into a shabby-chic vanity or locating an existing item that resembles that design if you want to
emulate the farmhouse or cottage style that’s sweeping home renovation programmes. Beadboard cabinets, shuttered fronts, and color-
washed finishes (grey and light green are common choices) are other popular alternatives for adding a bit of down-home décor to the

Use a mason jar instead of a conventional countertop accessory set to keep your toothbrush or cosmetic brushes within easy reach. You
may also be inventive in other ways: Personalize the room with a unique piece of art, such as a weathered wood quotation, an intricately
framed mirror, or an antique wooden ladder used as a towel holder.
The vanity unit houses and organises your beauty, comfort and health essentials. Yes, it deserves more respect than we give it on a daily
basis since it acts as a launching pad for our days and a rest stop before we continue our trip into the night. You may not know it, but your
bathroom serves as a haven from the outside world. Make it a welcoming safe refuge that is both attractive and functional.

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