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The concept of underfloor heating is not new. It was extensively utilised by the Romans for heating homes with hot air,and is considered
a forerunner of contemporary central heating as well as the inspiration for modern underfloor heating systems.

You may now experience the advantages of underfloor heating as part of your brand new bathroom (or even as part of a whole house
renovation to replace old electric storage heating) with an installation by Luke Lloyd Builders in Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Renfrewshire or
East Renfrewshire.

Unlike radiator systems, where heat rises to the ceiling and leaves the floor area chilly, underfloor heating offers a pleasant atmosphere
since the heat covers the living space without leaving any cold patches. Radiators operate at a high temperature, fiercely heating one
section of the room from the top down, and causing air to flow throughout the room, dispersing dust particles that may be detrimental to
your health, as well as keeping the air extremely dry. Underfloor heating reduces dust because the moisture content is too low for dust
mites to thrive, providing a better living environment for asthma sufferers, and because it works at a lower temperature than radiators, it
distributes heat evenly from the ground up, keeping the floor warm and comfortable.

In a new construction home with a screeded floor, underfloor heating is less expensive to purchase and install than a radiator system.

Another benefit of installing underfloor heating in a new construction home is having more space to design your room the way you want it
without having to work around unsightly radiators that don’t always match the style you want.

It may be utilised as your home’s only source of heat, and the cost of an underfloor system can be cheaper than that of a radiator system.
Of course, the expenses are affected by the kind of insulation used in the house, the frequency with which the underfloor heating is
utilised, and the temperature at which it is used.

Underfloor heating is convenient, healthful, aesthetically pleasing, quiet, space-saving, and cost-effective. Substituting underfloor heating
for your existing radiator system may save you room and money while also keeping you warm, happy, and healthy.

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