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As much as you might believe that bathroom features haven’t really changed from days past, there is actually innovation going on
constantly in terms of the technology and concept of a modern bathroom. Here are some currently making a name for themselves:

Touch-sensitive taps

Have you ever gone to the restroom to wash your hands and ended up getting the sink filthy in the process? This bathroom gadget
addresses the issue with the sort of simplicity that only high-tech gadgets can provide. All you have to do to turn it on is touch the tap or
the handle with any part of your body. To turn it off, tap it once more. You won’t have to worry about dirt, soap, or chocolate splattering all
over your tap any more. Because it is simpler to switch off between uses, this kind of tap’s primary feature also makes it more ecologically
friendly and efficient. Minimising contact with the tap also helps to reduce the spread of viral transmission, which is important in these
COVID pandemic times.

Chromotherapy baths

The concept is bizarre, but the tubs are stunning. Chromatherapy tubs are big and intended for total relaxation, and ” here’s the fun bit-
they’re equipped with unique coloured lights that cycle through up to eight different hues. During your soak, the light illuminates the water,
assisting you in unwinding after a hard day via the magic of colour. There’s no way of knowing if chromatherapy’s power is real, but the
light is incredibly stunning, so if nothing else, this fad gets bonus points for aesthetics. And, let’s face it, laying in a bright bathtub will make
you feel quite suave, so there’s something to the therapeutic element.

Linear shower drains

Enclosed walk-in showers and steam rooms have become popular. The greatest thing is that you can combine the two in one renovation.
Walk-in showers utilise linear drains to keep the whole bathroom floor flush and level, rather than conventional shower stalls that feature a
shower pan ” a wide-edged basin with a drain in the middle. That means there’s no lip or edge separating the shower from the bathroom
floor, and there’s no threshold to cross to enter the shower. Leave the stall section open to create an open shower for a spa-like
experience, and the linear drain will prevent the water from overflowing into the remainder of the bathroom. Alternatively, you may build a
stylish, floor-to-ceiling glass shower door that doubles as a steam chamber. Even a seat to sit on and soak up the steam may (and should)
be built in. Linear drains have the advantage of allowing you to do almost whatever you desire with the design of your bathroom’s shower.

Warming drawers

Warming drawers are often used in kitchens to keep items like bread and pie warm throughout dinner, but if you can locate one that can
resist high humidity, you’ll be assured of warm towels every time you shower or bathe. This one has a lot of possibilities: In the winter,
keep your clothing warm while bathing, or warm up your pyjamas before going to bed. For fast and easy access to warm towels, a
warming drawer may be placed under a vanity or in a closet near the shower or tub.

Technology-enabled showers

That’s all there is to it, people. We’ve made it this far. Finally, the future is here. Digital shower systems allow you to design precisely what
you want from your shower ” temperature, water pressure, and a few other settings ” and then store that profile for a consistently flawless
shower. Not only that, but the best digital shower comes with a remote control, allowing you to switch it on before you even get out of bed.
Allow a minute or two before entering the bathroom to ensure that the LED lights indicate that your customised shower is ready before
entering and washing up. This is certainly cutting-edge technology for your bathroom if there is such a thing.

When it comes to renovating and updating the inner sanctuary of houses across the world, these fantastic bathroom trends are making a
big impact. Whether you’re searching for design or function, this year is shaping up to be a fantastic year for bathroom innovation and
high-tech choices.

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