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Remote working has had a highly robust and substantial development phase within the corporate sectors over the last decade, as is
widely documented. Remote digital working is now simpler and more accessible than it has ever been, thanks to the growing availability of
reliable, super-fast fibre optic internet.

Businesses are searching for the finest options to ensure a greener approach to business and greater overall productivity and wellness,
with collective concerns now firmly focused on climate change and environmentally friendly activities.

It’s natural that companies, particularly those at the enterprise level, would want and need a common office building. In certain instances,
this might be more beneficial to business and productivity, but only for a small portion of the total workforce. Many businesses are also
discovering that these massive investments are no longer justified, particularly when considering the additional costs associated with
office spaces and workforce compliance, such as insurance, electricity, health and safety inspections, office refurbishment, furniture,
security, and amenities, to name a few. After all, who enjoys those uncomfortable water fountain meetings?

The effect of office employment on the environment is another major impact that it has on our everyday life. Specifically, during the
everyday commute. The devastating impact on our health and the environment is clear. The overwhelming majority of daily commutes to
places of work, particularly the corporate headquarters, would be eliminated with remote working. The favourable financial effect on
businesses is clear, and it will be a benefit to companies who are willing to re-invest, re-invent, and guarantee the health of our
environment and workforce.

It is also beneficial to the employee. With the elimination of the aforementioned commute, the elimination of the necessity to buy costly
meals, and, of course, the pleasure of having one’s own restroom!

Although many individuals have a space that may be used as a study or office, our customers are increasingly opting for garden offices.
Working from home is made easier with a separate garden office. You may design a dedicated workplace that offers both separation from
family life and much-needed privacy, as well as a highly productive and secure setting.

Nothing has brought these elements into sharper perspective than the extraordinary occurrences we are seeing right now. The
devastating consequences of the Covid-19 epidemic on global markets, corporate budgets, and our everyday lives have once again
highlighted a number of critical issues that need to be addressed. The epidemic may have acted as a catalyst for some extremely good
and life-altering changes in our lives. The magnitude of the implications and difficulties is obvious. Despite the significant negative
consequences, this has already generated some extremely good and novel ways of thinking about how we conduct our lives. Because
they have no option but to ask their employees to work from home under the lockdown restrictions, businesses have already noticed the
advantages. The workplace as we know it will soon become obsolete.

Working from home is becoming more popular, and many of us are fortunate enough to be able to do so. It has become the standard for
many as a result of the need for current events.

When making such comparisons, the many advantages of having your own work area become clear. Benefits for the environment, for
one’s health, and for one’s finances. Plus, there’s nothing like opening your email client as the rain softly patters on your brand-new
garden office rooftop and windows to make you feel all warm and fuzzy. Perhaps a brief wave to your next-door neighbour as he rushes
to his vehicle, bracing himself for hours of gridlock.

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