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Do you want the convenience of an extra bathroom but have limited space in your home? Luke Llod Builders can transform a small space
into a cloakroom, giving your home most of the advantages of an additional bathroom (extra toilet, wash hand basin and possibly a
shower) but within a smaller footprint.

Finding space solutions is crucial when designing a cloakroom:

• The most essential thing is to double-check your dimensions. This is true in every area of the home, but in a small place like a
cloakroom, there isn’t much room for mistakes.

• A well-placed sink with a mirror may have a significant impact when entering the cloakroom, as could a completely tiled, light-colored
cloakroom. A black finish with a full mirror, on the other hand, may provide a seductive appearance!

For any cloakroom, tiles are an excellent option. It is essential that they are simple to maintain and that they provide a long-lasting
aesthetic for your cloakroom.

Glass and ceramic tiles are two of the most popular cloakroom tiles. They’re simple to care for and totally waterproof. They also provide a
wider range of hues and design options than real stone.

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